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A Tinker: as Cook, Prospector, Jeweller
Armourer, Armsman, Explorer
Historian, Tinker
Woodsman, Yeoman
Crafting Guide
Crafted Items

"A Tinker’s greatest skill is that of jewelcraft, and a skilled Tinker can create baubles of both beauty and utility. A Tinker can harvest the precious metals and stones He needs for his work, and given the long hours his trade requires, it is good that a Tinker is a fair hand at preparing a hearty meal!"

As the third age rises, decay of the great races surrounds us. And yet, there is still a place for us to create new wonders from the ashes, be they lasting jewels, or the simple pleasures of fine meals.

The tinker will require food grown by a Woodsman, Yeoman, or Historian for their cook recipes. Otherwise, they are self-sufficient, since prospecting provides most of the supplies for making jewellery.

Tinkers may assist Historians by providing the ingots necessary for their Weaponsmith recipes.

Professions: Jeweller, Prospector, Cook