Haudh Elendil

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Haudh Elendil
Type: Tombs
Region: Evendim
Area: Men Erain
Location: [16.7S, 67.0W]
Haudh Elendil.jpg


Haudh Elendil Exterior

Haudh Elendil is a point of interest within Men Erain in Evendim. [16.7S, 67.0W]

The tomb of Elendil is located at an islet of Lake Evendim, the most impressive of the tombs within the Way of Kings. The interior of this location is the settings for two quest instances, listed below.

Actually, Elendil is not buried in this tomb, as he died far from Evendim at the hands of Sauron. However, something of great value was brought back and put down in his place. One of these items is so valuable that the Enemy has put forth great efforts to lay hands on it before Aragorn may obtain it.

By far the largest of the tombs in Men Erain, Haudh Elendil is host to a slew of burial chambers, ruined hallways, and the hidden lair of a dark and ancient being.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




During quest instances
Gwindeth.png Gwindeth
Ranger.png Tadan


The following creatures are found within this area:


Kergrim.png Crackskull
BanditF.png Idella Crypt-breaker
Turtle.png Nornagol
Necromancer.png Mordrambor



The tomb of Elendil, son of Amandil. Elendil was the first and founding King of Arnor, whither he had fled into Middle-Earth from the great ruin of Númenor. Elendil fought alongside Gil-galad as the leader of the Last Alliance and died during the Siege of Barad-Dûr at the hands of Sauron.
After his death Elendil was secretly interred at Halifirien far to the south, but some of his most important standards and personal effects were symbolically placed within the tomb at Annúminas in his stead. — Deed text


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Kergrim have overrun the burial chambers deeper in the tomb A burial chamber in control of the tomb-robbers The entry chamber of Haudh Elendil Nornagol's lair hidden deep in Haudh Elendil Large pool chamber midway through the tomb