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Map of Gondor

Gondor (Sindarin for Stone-land) is a land in the south of Middle-Earth. This land is comprised of many regions from Western Gondor in the west to Eastern Gondor in the east, and from the Wastes in the north to Central Gondor in the south.

Players must pass through the Paths of the Dead to access Gondor.

For a summary of levels, see Regional Quests, a page which also indicates the main level of creatures and mobs.

Prior to the Battle of Pelennor Fields

As forces assemble for the final battles, the character passes through the more distant parts of Gondor and experiences their conflicts, diversions and threats, as they move toward Minas Tirith, the capital and target for the massed armies of Mordor.

Central Gondor

Central Gondor Screenshot.jpg
See Central Gondor for more details

Central Gondor is a region in Gondor. It is adjacent to Western Gondor and Eastern Gondor.

Eastern Gondor

Eastern Gondor.jpg

See Eastern Gondor for more details

Eastern Gondor is a region in the east of Middle-earth. It is adjacent to Central Gondor and Old Anórien.

Far Anórien

Far Anórien Screenshot.jpg

See Far Anórien for more details

Far Anórien is a region in the east of Middle-earth. It is adjacent to Old Anórien, as well as East and West Rohan.
It contains the areas of the Beacon Hills and Taur Drúadan.

Old Anórien

Old Anórien

See Old Anórien for more details

Old Anórien is a region within the land of Gondor. It is connected to Eastern Gondor, Anórien (After Battle), North Ithilien and Far Anórien.

It contains the areas of Talath Anor, Pelennor, and Minas Tirith

Western Gondor

Western Gondor Screenshot.jpg

See Western Gondor for more details

Western Gondor is part of the second of the two great nations of Men founded in Middle-earth by Elendil after the Downfall of Númenor, the other being Arnor in the north. It is located to the west of Mordor, on the Bay of Belfalas.

After the Battle of Pelennor Fields

After the battle new areas are available. These are split in time from the areas above, and some overlap with the original areas. Anórien (After Battle) and Ithilien were in the March of the King release, and overlap the areas of Old Anórien and Eastern Gondor.

Anórien (After Battle)

March of the King.jpg

See Anórien (After Battle) for more details

Anórien (After Battle) is a region in Gondor. This region overlaps Minas Tirith and the Pelennor in Old Anórien and Osgiliath in Eastern Gondor, but is separated from them in time, occurring after the Battle of Pelennor Fields. The post-battle versions of each area are thus Minas Tirith (After-battle), The Pelennor Fields (After-battle), and Osgiliath (After Battle).


See Ithilien for more details

Ithilien is a region in Middle-earth. This region covers North Ithilien and the northern part of South Ithilien just south of the Cross-roads but is separated from it in time, occurring after the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

The Wastes

The Wastes.jpg
See The Wastes for more details

The Wastes is a region that is situated immediately outside Morannon, the Black Gate of Mordor. It lies above North Ithilien and north-west of Mordor. The is the site of a major battle at the end of the Second Age, when Mordor was first defeated, but the area was lost as Mordor regained strength. It has been long contested and is still occupied by Orcs and others ready to resist the march of the King.


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