The Cross-roads (After-battle)

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This page is about The Cross-roads (After-battle). For The Cross-roads (Before Battle), see The Cross-roads
The Crossroads (After-battle)
Type: Intersection
Region: Ithilien
Area: North Ithilien
Location: [63.3S, 5.7W]


The Cross-roads (After-battle) is a landmark within North Ithilien in Ithilien. [63.2S, 5.3W]
At this intersection, the north-south road from Mordor to Harad crosses the east-west road from the Morgul Vale to Osgiliath.
An ancient gondorian statue sits at the center of the crossroads, was defiled by Orcs, but has recently been cleaned and restored.

Special notice

"North and South Ithilien are now connected by the Crossroads. Note that content in North Ithilien takes place after the Battle of Pelennor Fields, so it is recommended that players complete Volume IV Book 6 before adventuring there." '
This also implies that both versions: Osgiliath and Osgiliath (After Battle), are also available at this crossroads. If travelling from South Ithilien, the boundary to Ithilien is on the north side, and access is to Osgiliath. If travelling south the boundary is on the south side and access is to Osgiliath (After Battle).
  • Note also: Turbine has referred to this same location in two different manners: as the Cross-roads and as the Crossroads. In game at the location the name is now Cross-roads as at 2021. The (After-battle) addition is added in the wiki to differentiate the two versions of this location. This matches the format used in game in adjacent areas



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That is the city of Minas Morgul deep in Imlad Morgul. Once it was Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Moon, but no longer.
It is the fortress of the Nazgûl now, and none dare go that way.