Update 16 - Ashes of Osgiliath - May 4, 2015

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Previous patch: Update 15.3, Hotfix - April 2, 2015
Next patch: Update 16, Hotfix - May 8, 2015 - No official release notes available.
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Update 16 – Official Release Notes

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Legendary Item Imbuement is live!

Imbuement is an opt-in process available at level 100 that permanently transforms a Legendary Item. Once Imbued, it never needs to be re-forged or reconfigured again. That means an item that feels more, well, legendary. Read more about it here!

A new instance cluster has arrived!

It has been some time since we said those words, “new Instance Cluster.” Ask and ye shall receive. For some time now players have been asking for new instances, so based on that feedback we have added three new instances with Update 16: The Sunken Labyrinth, The Ruined City and The Dome of Stars. You can read more about these new instances here.

New Regions

Spanning the rolling fields that run between the rivers Sirith and Erui, Upper Lebennin is a lakennd still mostly unscarred by the wars that have ravaged the surrounding provinces. For this reason, many folk have traveled west from the great citadel of Minas Tirith to take refuge in the fortified mountain-vale of Tumladen. Meanwhile, dark rumors are spreading that something fell lurks at the Crossings of Erui, where long ago Castamir the Usurper met his end.

Among the fiefs of Gondor, Lossarnach is widely considered the most beautiful. A land whose people are proud of ancient traditions, it is ablaze with flowers and blossoming trees. Forlong the Fat, beloved by all, has ridden to war from his stronghold of Arnach, and most of its people have fled to the refuge of Imloth Melui, renowned across the kingdom for both its healers and its vast gardens of rosebushes. Here, too, lies the Harlond, the river-harbor that serves the city of Minas Tirith, where the Corsairs of Umbar once planned to make their landing … and where Aragorn now plans to sail with his captured fleet.

Long ago, South Ithilien was one of the realm’s mightiest and fairest regions, but now, though still lovely, it lies forlorn, abandoned by its people. Orcs and worse haunt its overgrown ruins, and the great refuge of Bâr Húrin -- ancestral home of the House of the Ruling Stewards -- crumbles among the hills of Emyn Arnen. Only the Rangers, commanded by Captain Faramir, remain to keep watch on the Enemy in the shadow of the Mountains of Mordor.

The grand city of Osgiliath, once Gondor’s capital, has seen many woes. Standing athwart the River Anduin, it is a shattered shell of its former glory, long forsaken and left in shambles. The orcs of the Morgul Vale now teem in the city’s eastern half, under the command of the Lord of the Nazgûl. At last word, the defenders of Gondor still hold the western shores, but how long they can endure the Witch-king’s hosts is a question whose answer will likely prove grim.

Epic Volume IV, Book 3: ‘Voices of the Past’

The Battle of Pelargir has ended in victory for Aragorn and the Grey Company, and now the Chieftain of the Dúnedain turns his eyes toward Minas Tirith. How can he come to the White City in time? He enlists your aid to keep secret the defeat of the Corsairs and to learn what has become of Faramir, son of the Steward, and the city he was charged to defend.

Changes and Updates


  • Vicious Claw should now properly refresh the bleed of Bash without lowering the damage of the effect.
  • Bear Up now has a 3 minute cooldown when useable in-combat.
  • The deed "A building Rage" now works when players have "Broad Thrash" traited
  • Beornings can now obtain a two-handed LI from Hundi in A Weapon of the Elder Days.
  • Storvagun the Traitor now has a class-specific weapon available for Beornings


  • Bane Flare has now had its base Max targets increased to 5, up from 3
  • The War Wolf, the Loremaster's mounted combat pet, should do significantly more damage now, in line with the kind of damage other pets do.


  • Rain of Arrows and Rain of Thorns has had its base Max targets increased to 10, up from 5.
  • Low Cut has had its base Max. Targets increased to 7, up from 2.


  • Challenge has had its base Max. Targets increased to 10, up from 7.
  • The tooltip for the Fighter of Shadow Specialization Bonus which stated that attacks against your marked target have a 5% chance to restore 10% of your Max Morale has been updated. This bonus has actually been giving a 10% chance to restore 5% of your Max Morale.


  • The Captain Essence of the Protector had a listed proc chance of 25%, and an actual proc chance of 5%. Now it has a proc chance of 10%, which is correctly displayed in the tooltip.


  • Call to Greatness was mistakenly giving too much of a Max Morale boost to the Guardian skill "Warrior's Heart". This value has been balanced down.


  • An exploit relating to the Runekeeper Essence "Essence of Peace" has been fixed. The bonus from this essence can no longer compound.


  • Essences - The Essence of Physicality would not work properly on some enemies. The bonus has been changed to grant a chance for the enemy to take 5% extra melee damage.
  • In-combat Morale Regen and In-combat Power Regen legacies have been balanced down
  • Defiant Challenge has had its damage reflect tuned up
  • Base Javelin range for all Wardens has been increased to 30m, up from 25m.
  • Assailment trait tree now grants +10 meter range to javelin skills.


  • The 'Mirkwood Landing' deed has been adjusted so that it only requires the 'Hilltop Assault' quest to be completed. Now the optional quests are truly optional, and are not tracked by the 'Mirkwood Landing' deed.
  • Norcrofts - Warband: Skutog - Warband is easier to solo now
  • Beorning - The Forest Bounder's set now has stat bonuses.
  • Mounted Combat - Skills - Favour of the Mearas no longer requires Power to use
  • The Fine Footman's Gloves and Fine Footman's Gloves of Might grant the correct stats, instead of both giving the same stats.
  • The Garth Agarwen instance reward weapons no longer have class restrictions.
  • The quest rewards for the Sons of the Usurper quest are now correctly marked as Uncommon, rather than Incomparable. Their stats haven't been changed.
  • Added more travel routes for Pelargir and Dol Amroth
  • Gondor - Added a stable master to Ost Anglebed

Instances and Quests

  • Eaves of Fangorn - The quest has proper quest guide now
  • Angmar - Quest: The Tincture - all plants in the area should now be clickable for the quest.
  • Mounted Uruks in Thrymm's Farm: Reclaiming instance now count towards Slayer of Mounted Foes deed in Wildermore


  • Some travel routes involving Candaith's Encampment will now be available even after 'Book 3 Prologue: Fires in the North' is completed.
  • Fixed a case where you could end up with a legendary item which isn't bound to you but is slotted in the legendary items panel.
  • Instance Finder has been updated to have buttons to look for groups for Osgiliath
  • The "Revive Tomes" link from the "Enhance" panel in the Character Panel has been replaced with a "Virtues" link.
  • You can now alt-click to select, and double/right-click to equip items in the "Legendary Items" panel