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This category contains all the information on Monster Play within the game Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).

The colour scheme you see here will be used throughout Monster Play information areas to help show that the information provided is NOT part of normal player versus environment game play.

Area of Interest Description
Monster Play A general overview of Monster Play -- The Player-versus-Player combat implementation within LOTRO. Sometimes referred to as freeps versus creeps (or vice-versa).
The Ettenmoors Information about the Monster play Zone -- the Ettenmoors. It holds links to the regions and what information you may.
Free Peoples (freeps) A category that holds information pertinent to The Free Peoples (Players over 40th level) that wish to participate in Player vs Monster Player (PvMP) combat.
Army of Angmar (creeps) A category containing the information on the Monster Player side of play.


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