Elf Camp

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Elf Camp
Type: Fortified Camp
Region: Ettenmoors
Area: Hoardale
Location: [18.0S, 16.7W]

Elf Camp is a camp of Elves to the south-east of Tol Ascarnen and serves as the Free People's westernmost command post in the Ettenmoors. The Elves will often re-enforce other outposts when their assistance is requested.

In the back of the camp, there is an entrance into the Delving of Frór.


When Tol Ascarnen is controlled by the Creeps, the Dwarf, First Marshal Án is located within this camp and he offers the quest:

Target Quests


Old Elf Camp

With the Riders of Rohan expansion, the Elf Camp and it's counterpart the Orc Camp were moved from their original locations to either side of Tol Ascarnen. But with the release of the Before the Shadow expansion, both camps were reverted to their original locations, which was done due to player requests, according to Orion. The "new" camps currently still stand, but are empty. [17.0S, 19.8W]