Bâr Faroth

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Bâr Faroth
Type: Ruins
Region: The Shire
Area: The Yondershire
Location: [20.0S, 77.1W]
Bâr Faroth
Bâr Faroth

Bâr Faroth (Sindarin for Hunters' House) is a landmark within the Yondershire, in the Shire. [20.0S, 77.1W]

These ruins, many thousand years old, still fills anybody with awe by their grandiose architecture. But long since the wild-life of Yondershire have made use of the shelter the ruins provide. And lately goblins have overrun this location.

The old "hunters' house" have two entrances, one to the west and one to the east. And only the northern bridge between the two sections is still working. This location spawns a massive amount of chests.


Hunters' Hall
Goblin Encampment in Eastern Section
The overgrown Western Section





These deeds can be advanced by exploring Bâr Faroth:


Bingo Boffin
Nárnaz the Smiter
Slain Goblin


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Bâr Faroth, the Hunters' House, was constructed on the southern slopes of the Emyn Uial during the late years of the Second Age. High King Elendil spent many summer months hunting with Elves and Men in the surrounded woodlands, but they were drawn away from such pleasures by Sauron's invasion of Gondor in the south.
For several hundred years into the Third Age, the Kings of Arnor continued to make use of the hunting grounds hereabout, but in time the wilderness reclaimed Bâr Faroth. Elendur was the last to visit, but even then the hall was beginning to crumble.
The ruins are now known to hobbit-folk as The Wellstones, but they preserve some tales that kings of old used to ride mighty steeds among the trees, hunting for deer and other game. — Deed