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Training-dummies are found in many locations throughout Middle Earth. There are two types -- active and passive.
The Passive dummies are really simply cosmetic and used by NPCs while the Active dummies can be used by any player character.
  • If you have "Floaty Names" turned on, Active Training-dummies will display the name "Training-dummy" or "Training Dummy". Passive dummies do not.


Level 6 - Master Defender - seven Active Dummies among the class trainers [25.3S, 48.7W]
Level 6 - Master Defender - during the Dwarf and Elf Introduction Quests, five Active Dummies among the class trainers [15.3S, 101.6W], and seven more in the nearby structure [15.2S, 101.4W]
Level 6 - Master Defender - inside the Training Hall [30.2S, 51.1W]
Level 6 - Master Defender - just to the left of the Mossward Blacksmith Shop [60.7S, 34.6W]
Level 75 - Master Defender - just south east of the milestone [80.3S, 16.6W]
Level 75 - Master Defender - one Active Dummy [26.4S, 63.1W]
Level 75 - Master Defender - three Active Dummies between the Mead and Craft Halls
Level 85 - Arch-nemesis - one Active Dummy inside the Forlaw Skirmish Hall [38.6S, 61.1W]
Level 85 - Arch-nemesis - Next to Snowbourn Tavern [61.2S, 61.6W]
Level 75 - Master Defender
Level 85 - Arch-nemesis [69.8S, 64.2W]
Level 85 - Arch-nemesis - three Active Dummies inside the Aldburg Skirmish Hall [69.8S, 64.3W]
Level 100 - Master Defender - four Active Dummies near [74.1S, 71.2W], north of the Artisan Quarter
Training-dummy Orion
Training-dummy Jalessa
Armoured Training-dummy Kelsen


Active Training-dummies can be used to practice your attack routines.
  • They will allow you to "stack" your attacks or heals.
  • Greyed, below level Training-Dummies will not level skills.
  • Some skills will not register skill ups if the Training-dummy level is higher and the attack misses, even with skills like Heart Seeker which may otherwise always hit (but not over level). Consider this when using Deed Boost books etc.

Using Training-dummies to advance higher tier Class skills

Active Training-dummies can be used to advance skill usage counts toward daily limits for Class Deed completions.
  • Strike the dummy once with an offensive skill, then you can use various passive or defensive skills against that same dummy.