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A Light from the Shadow


My main character is a level 65 Lore-master on Landroval. He has a serious problem with trying to 100% the zones. Because I hit the level cap in the beta, took a break from playing, then came back after launch and promptly got defeated, I won't get Unscathed or Undying, but I'm not too worried about that. Some day I will make him an actual character page; this is just a page for me to keep track of accomplishments.

Shadows of Angmar

Book 14: Many new deeds and quests added.

  • Boar-slayer (Pork-chopper) finished.
  • Finished all deeds in Evendim including Warden of Annúminas.
  • Finished all Urugarth deeds.
  • Finished all Barad Gúlaran deeds.
  • Finished all deeds in Carn Dûm including Slug-wrangler.
  • Lord of Streams and Compleat Angler finished. Sturgeon, Trout, & Darter deeds finished.
  • Completed Aughaire, Rammas Deluon, and Rhunendin battlefield instances.

The Mines of Moria

  • Done with Vol 2 Epic Quests up to and including Book 8.
  • Finished all Lore-master class deeds, including all 3 Legendary Capstone Traits.
  • Maximum Quest limit increased to 50 via completed Deeds.
  • Eregion: Finished all Quests and all Deeds, including Ridge-racer, Marshall of Tham Mirdain, and Protector of Hollin.
  • Moria: Done with all quests and deeds in Moria, including group instances.
  • Reputation: Kindred to Cook's Guild. Kindred to Iron Garrison Guards and Miners.
  • 6/6 Radiance Gear from Challenge Mode instances (6/6 Vile Maw set)
  • Level 60 Lore-master Book of the First Age from the Vile Maw

The Leaves of Lorien

  • Hidden Deeds completed: Blind jumper, Well-traveled, Spring-flinger, Amazeling, Defender of CG, Cake-eater, Fool.
  • Completed Legendary Sentinel's Challenge for Lore-master of Victory in Lorien title.
  • Finished Lorien quests & deeds, including Doer of Great Deeds.
  • Defeated Nornúan in Filikul.
  • Completed the April First Chicken Run before it was deactivated.
  • Reputation: Kindred to Galhadrim.

Scourge of Khazad-dûm

  • Acquired Sunshine title for past summer festival activities.
  • Finished all quests and deeds in the Halls of Crafting.
  • Finished all quests and deeds in Mirror Halls.
  • Finished all quests and deeds in Water Wheels.
  • Completed all quests and deeds in Dar Narbudug, including Redeemer of the Deep. (5/6 DN armour)

Siege of Mirkwood

  • Finished Vol II, Book 9 Epic quests, including all Epilogue quests.
  • Finished all Mirkwood Landing quests and deeds.
  • Finished with all Mirkwood landscape quests and deeds.
  • Finished all deeds in Sword Halls, Warg-pens, and Sammath Gul (including Challenge modes). Working on Dungeons deeds.
  • Made it past the Gauntlet & Durchest in Barad Guldur, working on downing the other bosses.
  • Finished seasonal deeds: Yule, The Mightiest Arm, & Why Your Head Hurts.
  • Skirmishes: Many new deeds unlocked and in progress.
  • Reputation: Kindred to Eglain and Malladhrim. Earned reputation travel skills for Mirkwood, Thorin's Gate, and Ost Guruth.
  • Mounts:
    • Free: Bree-horse, Dusky Redhorn-goat
    • Reward: Grey Horse
    • Vendor: Bree-Starter Horse, Blonde Sorrel Horse, Bay Horse, Bloodbay Horse, Chestnut Horse
    • Festival: Harvestmath Horse, Yule Festival Horse, Yule Festival Snow Horse
    • Reputation: Nimble Redhorn-goat, Tame Redhorn-goat, Liver Chestnut Horse, Dark Chestnut Horse, Tundra-horse, Ashen Horse, Galadhrim Horse, Smoky Black Horse

Oath of the Rangers

  • Finished with Vol III, Book 1

Spawn of the Spider Queen of Darkness


My main creep is a rank 7 Spider Weaver.

Other creeps: Rank 4 Warg Stalker, Rank 3 Uruk Warleader, Rank 3 Orc Defiler, Rank 3 Orc Reaver

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