Tûm Fuin

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Tûm Fuin
Type: Goblin camp
Region: Evendim
Area: Tyrn Fornech
Location: [4.4S, 65.2W]
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Tûm Fuin is a landmark within Tyrn Fornech in Evendim. [4.4S, 65.2W]

This valley is located below the northern mountain ridge of Evendim, sheltered behind hills and boulders. Recently goblins have found their way here and have set up a large camp causing devastation to the local foliage. Wargs are prowling for stray adventurers while cowardly boggarts run around feeling powerful in numbers.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


The valley of Tûm Fuin and its surroundings are known to be a favorite haunt of local trappers and hunters out of Ost Forod. It lies well off the beaten path and has an abundance of local wildlife - but there is also little recourse or chance of rescue for any hunter unfortunate enough to be injured while travelling so far afield.


View of the desolate clearing from above Corruption being spewed into the air from an idol A goblin totem and bonfire within Tûm Fuin