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  • Cannot move or act
  • Duration: 1-15s

Combat Relationship

Creatures who have the Charge effect have a chance to cause this effect to also occur as a result, which will last for 5s.

Skill Relationship

The following skills invoke this effect on an enemy target (unless immune):


Startling Twist / Improved Startling Twist: duration 8s, 1 target;


Routing Cry with Turn of the Tide equipped: duration 3s, 5 targets.


Sound the Attack / Horn of Gondor: duration 3s, 5 targets; 8 targets with Mighty Blast equipped.
Crafted horn: duration 2-10s, depending on horn version and legacy.


Bash: duration 3s, 1 target.
Overwhelm (on critical hit): duration 3s, 1 target.
Shield-smash: duration 3s, 1 target.


No stunning skills.


Bear Hug (Pet skill): duration 3s, 1 target.
Ents go to War: duration 6s, 5 targets.
Light of the Rising Dawn: duration 3s, 1 target.
Staff-strike with the Master of the Staff trait equipped (on critical hit): duration 5s, 1 target.
Storm-lore: duration 3s, 3 targets.
Test of Will: duration 5s, 1 target; 7.5s with the Disable trait equipped; 7s with the Feral effect active; 9.5s with both.
Wisdom of the Council has a 25% chance to reflect a stun on incoming Common, Fire or Shadow damage: duration 3s, 1 target.


Piercing Cry with the Unrelenting trait equipped (on critical hit): duration 5s, 1 target.


Shocking Words has a 7% chance to stun per battle attunement (can be increased with a legacy): duration 5s, 1 target.


No stunning skills.