Port of Annúminas

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Port of Annúminas
Type: Ruined Harbor
Region: Evendim
Area: Tyl Annûn
Location: [17.0S, 71.2W]
Port of Annúminas.jpg


Port of Annúminas is a landmark within Tyl Annûn in Evendim. [17.0S, 71.2W]

In spite of its name the port is actually located within the area of Tyl Annûn, the large, royal island just east of the harbour. It is, however, accessed by swimming from Annúminas, either from Gaerannon, or straight north of Echad Garthadir or Gwaelband. Once upon a time this harbour was bustling with life, ships from far and near arrived with cargo ranging from wood and blocks of stone to precious gems and gold, or exotic food; the Brandywine was a busy river those days. Now much of the harbour is drowned, and overrun by evil Angmarims who find pleasure in torturing any innocent they lay hands on.



These are Orchalwë sub-quests:



HumanF.png Gwonil
Ranger.png Dúnadan - Warden of Annúminas
Human.png Tortured Prisoner


The following creatures are found within this area:


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Some of the few ruins not entirely submerged underwater Angmarim forces occupying the docks at the port