Parth Aduial

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Areas-icon.png Parth Aduial
Region: Evendim
Landmark(s): Canadiach
House Brumbar
Ost Heryn
Tham Andalath
Tham Nambarth
Tham Ornen
Tham Varan
Settlement(s): High King's Crossing
Lake Evendim
Men Erain
Tyrn Fornech
Fields of Fornost - The North Downs
Levels: Mainly 32 - 40
Resource tier: Expert
Parth Aduial.jpg

Parth Aduial is an area within Evendim in the eastern region.

Between The North Downs and Lake Evendim, and north of Brandywine River, lies the area of Parth Aduial. This area may be described as forests and hills, as well as green meadows and twilight shores, and both are very right. Parth Duial is littered with ruins and memorials of wealthy times, now guarded by the remaining Dúnedain. Much of the Epic storyline for Evendim begin at or relate to Tinnudir, thus this area is visited by all characters sooner or later.

Parth Aduial provides two settlements: High King's Crossing is a small Ranger camp at the colossus to the south, and Tinnudir, the western island that is accessed by a well guarded bridge. Tinnudir provides good services and a complete crafting centre, but also dozens of quests and the Tinnudir Keep that at times hosts a most powerful prisoner.


The following settlements are found within this area:


High King's Crossing

These landmarks are located within Parth Aduial:



See list of all NPCs within Parth Aduial


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for quests


Tham Ornen

The following creatures are found within this area:


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The road into the Fields of Fornost The road up into Tyrn Fornech and Ost Forod The rally point in central Parth Aduial Some unmarked ruins in Parth Aduial Interesting rock formation in the Parth Aduial wilds

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