Northern Emyn Uial

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Areas-icon.png Northern Emyn Uial
Region: Evendim
Landmark(s): Dol Haedír
The Eave-mere
The Gloaming Falls
Settlement(s): The Eavespires
Lake Evendim
Southern Emyn Uial
Tyrn Fornech
Levels: Mainly 36 - 38
Resource tier: Artisan
Northern Emyn Uial.jpg

Northern Emyn Uial is an area within Evendim in the north-western region.

To the north-west of Lake Evendim this is a wilderness of forests, hills, ravines, and roaring waterfalls. The tribal Gauredain are roaming everywhere, from their numerous camps at the highest hillsides down to the water shores. A wide selection of wildlife can be found in the hills, from monstrous fire-flies to vicious wolves.

The Eavespires is a small hunting camp that provides some minor services including a bowyer, healer, milestone, and a boat-keeper who sells rides over the lake. The quests for this area aim at healing the forests and restoring its peaceful state it once had, they are in the levels 36 to 38.


The following settlements are found within this area:


The Eavespires
Dol Haedír

These landmarks are located within Northern Emyn Uial:



See "list of NPCs" within Northern Emyn Uial


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for quests


The Eave-mere
The Gloaming Falls

The following creatures are found within these borders:


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Roots growing out of outcrops in the ravines One of many Gauredain camps in the hills Rolling hills make up the southern portion of Northern Emyn Uial The center of the ravine flooded with water Gauredain camps lining the path up the hill of Northern Emyn Uial A stream dividing a path in the hills