Dâr Narbugud

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Dâr Narbugud
Level: 58
Size: 12-person Raid
Cluster: Scourge of Khazad-dûm
Region: Moria
Area: Foundations of Stone
Location: [16.4S, 96.8W]
Dâr Narbugud instance.jpg

"The Elves of Lórien have uncovered Dâr Narbugud, the lair of the Mistress of Pestilence, the vile creature responsible for the plague spreading among the creatures of Moria. What heroes will overthrow the queen of the nameless? Who will put an end to her plague?"


Dâr Narbugud (Black Speech for Home of the Nameless), also known as DN, is a multi-boss 12-man raid featuring six boss fights with trash mobs interspersed between them, comparable to the Rift in length and difficulty.

It lies in the most south-eastern corner of The Foundations of Stone, next to the entrance of Dark Delving located at approximately [16.4S, 96.8W].

There are several sections to the raid:

  • Blagh & Rung
  • The Crossroads
  • Zholuga
  • Flâgît
  • Îstum
  • The Blind One - mechanics require 2 or more players
  • The Mistress of Pestilence


Durin’s Folk long ago came to the great caverns which are now known as Moria, the Black Pit. They delved and built the great realm of Khazad-dûm. Many great and wondrous things were made in Moria, and mithril was discovered there, but a day came when the dwarves delved too greedily and too deep and awoke the Balrog, Durin’s Bane.

But even long before the Balrog had come to hide in the depths of Moria, the deepest holes and caverns were inhabited by countless evil things. Known now as the Nameless, they have arisen and seek to enslave all who walk the halls of Khazad-dûm. A vile and grotesque creature known as The Mistress of Pestilence commands the Nameless of Moria, who strive to spread her fungal plague to the outside world.


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  • Virtues: Consider traiting Tolerance for this raid, since a lot of mobs deal aoe tactical damage.
  • Pots & food: You will need stacks of all sorts of pots, as well as superior Cooked Food and Trail Food.
  • Buffs: There need to be some people with +5 Hope Tokens & Scrolls of Battle and Warding Lore.
  • DN will take around three hours to complete for an experienced kin. If you are new, make sure everyone you are taking has four hours to spare at minimum. Preferably, you will have more time than that spread over multiple days.
  • DN is difficult for those that have not done it before. Make sure everyone is aware that wipes will likely happen, and everyone is prepared to accept the resulting repair bills.
  • Many mobs in DN do not like to be CC'd (Crowd Controlled), and will buff themselves if you attempt this.
  • Assign a raid target assist, this will help tremendously throughout. Make sure your hunters and other damage dealers target through this person.


note: This walkthrough has been slightly modified, special thanks to tordana08 for creating and posting this walkthrough on Lorebook.

Blagh & Rung

When you enter the instance, you'll find yourself in the entryway to a large room full of mobs, with two trolls walking around the middle of it. These trolls are the first boss, you will fight them together. To prepare for this fight, leave your whole raid in the entryway and send a Lore-master to pull groups to you. In most cases, this will mean mezzing the biggest enemy once (trolls) and letting everything else run in. Important! Do not Crowd Control anything in this room more than you have to, as it will stack buffs each time it is hit with a mez, root, or fear. These buffs will increase its damage and attack speed by 25% per buff. So, mez a troll once to get 30 seconds delay and take a buff, then have your tank ready to pick it up when it comes in.

There should be 5 pulls in this room, once they are all out of the way you're ready for the trolls!

These two guys have a very interesting mechanic: Damage done to one will actually be taken by the other. However, debuffs applied to one will stick to that one. Note that increased damage debuffs such as Oathbreakers should be applied to the troll you are hitting, not the troll you are damaging.

A second thing to note before starting this fight is that both trolls have a special move that places acid puddles on the floor, three at a time per troll (6 in total). The pools will be centered on random members of the raid. When you see a pool forming under you, MOVE! Break all inductions and get out of it. They hurt a lot and your Minstrels will thank you.

Finally, both trolls will occasionally go punt a random member of the raid, even if still aggroed on the tank. Just let it happen and heal the puntee up, nothing you can do to stop it. They will return to the tank after the move.

Before starting the fight, make sure to pop a token and scrolls for both groups, then have your tank run in and aggro both of the big guys. Give him a few seconds to build aggro, then have your target assist start hitting one of the trolls. You want to bring both troll's health down approximately equally during this fight. So, attack one until the other is down to about 200k. Then, attack the one at 200k until the other is down to 200k also. Once they are both at 200k, bring them both down to 150k using the same method. At this point, get ready to start a mad DPS dash. As soon as one troll goes below 120k, the other troll will begin stacking buffs on himself approximately every 30 seconds. These buffs increase his damage. Note that these buffs will be on the troll you're hitting, not the one you're actually damaging (yes, this is confusing). In order to minimize these buffs for the last part of the fight, you want to bring down one troll from 120 to 0 ASAP, as the buffs stop stacking (but previous ones remain) once one troll dies.

So, when both trolls are at 150k pick one to start whacking. At 120k, hit the troll you are hitting (it will increase damage to the other) with Oathbreakers, and another Oathbreakers at 60k. At 10k left, Important! all people in melee range except the tank run away from the two trolls and let the hunters finish it. A poisonous mushroom will spawn on the tank as soon as one troll dies, and you want only the tank standing in it, as it hurts. A lot.

Now, take a deep breath. Ideally, at this point you have one troll dead, the other troll at about 150k, the remaining troll with 3-4 buffs on him, and your tank standing by himself in the middle of a poison cloud.

Time to finish it! All damage will now actually be done to the guy you are hitting. The easiest way to polish off the fight is the slow way -- leave your tank in the mushroom and have everything with ranged attacks plink at the boss from outside it while your minstrels spam heal the tank. Alternatively, you could have your tank keep moving outside the poison cloud to let melee in to hit, but then the troll will just keep dropping more, and soon you have nowhere to stand. Doable if everyone in the raid has excellent positional awareness, but if you had any trouble at all with acid puddles best to do it the slow way.

Both trolls dead? Good. Enjoy your boots, and some IXP and runes out of the chest.

It has been noted that keeping the trolls separated throughout the fight will sometimes cause them to not stack up damage buffs in that phase near the end of the fight. However, this can be difficult to do if you do not have two good tanks, and they sometimes seem to stack buffs even when separated.

The Crossroads

Now, you've got some trash to deal with. Again, don't mez or root anything more than you absolutely have to. Best to blender your way to the bottom of the room, having tanks pick up trolls and everybody else burn the orcs and goblins in your way. If you managed the trolls, all the trash in DN will be easy.

At the bottom of the room, you'll see a couple new enemies: fumaroles. These things are harmless, as long as you deal with them. For each pull with fumaroles, assign one hunter per fumarole to kill the dust balls that spawn out of them. These things will do no damage on their own but apply nasty debuffs to your raid (that is invariably fighting the rest of the trash pull). Hunters can one-shot these things before they get anywhere.

Also, you'll see Snarling Overseers here. These are harmless mostly, as long as you use corruption removal! Let the corruptions stack up and you'll be in a world of pain as they disarm and silence your entire raid. You have been warned. Also, these overseers will stack buffs on themselves when CC'ed like most everything else around here, so you will want to deal with them first on pulls where they appear.

Once everything is dead, you'll see three paths to proceed along. Take the left.


More trash, again kill it, using the tactics outlined before, until you get to the giant fumarole. You'll see Dark-maw Masters here for the first time. They *can* be CCed any way you like, make use of this. However, note that for each mob killed prior to them in a pull, they will stack a -20% incoming damage buff on themselves. This isn't a huge issue, but take note of it as you'll often want to kill these guys last since they're safe to mez. Now, clear out the stuff around the fumarole with careful pulling (you can leave the group on the close left there, they won't aggro anyone if you stick to the right) until the room is clear except for the one pull just mentioned. This fumarole is a little miniature of the Turtle-fight (If you have done Nornúan in Filikul, you will know where we are talking about). Just kill it fast before the increasing DoT aura overwhelms you. And, it's time for Zholuga!

This guy is stupidly easy. He should be interesting and somewhat challenging. But, he isn't.

Pop your tokens and scrolls and have your tank grab him. After a few seconds, he'll shout some nonsense at you and buff himself. (Blue = -incoming damage, Green = he does nasty AoE dots) At this point, a crystal surrounding the room will light up. Only certain classes can use these to shut them off and remove his buff:

  • Blue -- Burglar, Lore-master, Hunter
  • Green -- Minstrel, Runekeeper, Captain
  • Red -- Champion, Warden, Guardian

If the crystal you get is blue or green, get somebody appropriate (pre-determined before the fight) to go shut it off ASAP. I recommend a Burglar for Blue, Captain for Green. Repeat the process until you get a red (should be second or third one).

Got a red buff on him now? OK, good. Kill him. Don't touch any more crystals.

Yeah, it was that easy. Enjoy your gloves!

The only other thing to note on this fight is that your raid should be spread out, as the Green poison DoTs are contagious. Just stay away from everyone else and you'll be fine (and he should only be in that phase for about 5 seconds anyway). If someone does obtain a poison DoT (it appears in the form of an eye above their head) have them move well away from the raid until it disappears.


Make your way back to the crossroads, and this time take the right portal. You'll have some more trash to clear here, nothing that you haven't seen before. You'll encounter a split in the road here, left will lead to Îstum while right will lead to Flâgît. Flâgît is, counterintuitively, lock 3 and Îstum is lock 4 to his left, so I'll go over Flâgît next.

You'll see another giant fumarole here, deal with it the same way as the last. Easy stuff. Time for Flâgît!

The most important thing to note about Flâgît is that the whole raid must be inside his room (past the stone outcroppings forming an "entrance") at all times, except when outlined below.

Flâgît has two special moves to watch out for.

  • 1. Important! He will call the name of a person in the raid. That person must exit Flâgît's room immediately. Once they see the eye over their head disappear, they must re-enter. If a person is already outside when their name is called, or they don't get out in time, they will die. And anyone standing within a very large radius of them will also die. That simple. Note that the tank (whoever currently has aggro) will never be called.
  • 2. Most Important! You will see red flames appear around his body briefly, followed by a large, obvious shield. As soon as you see the flames, someone call it out over voice, and everyone stop attacking immediately, including autoattacks. Have your tank shut off his autoattacks or face away from the boss. Think of this as a large game of Red Light, Green Light. Go while the light is red and you're out (well, actually you heal the boss for 5k each time you hit him.) Once the shield winks out, you can attack freely.
    • You can also have all members of the raid target the Tank with the Skill Target Forwarding option turned on. This means that only the tank has to deselect Flâgît to get the entire raid to stop attacking. Pressing F1 is a good way to quickly deselect, as it targets your character.
    • Also keep in mind that DoTs will also heal him during this phase, so for safety don't let anyone use attacks which causes Damage over Time (like Cunning Attack or Burning Embers)... Otherwhise the fight will last for ever.

As the fight winds on, the two specials will start coming faster and faster, and you'll have people running in and out all the time and starting and stopping about every 15 seconds. Keep your cool and you'll get him down. Enjoy your helm.


Go about halfway back to the Crossroads and take the other fork in the road to head to Îstum. More trash, nothing that you haven't seen before. And, another giant fumarole. You should have no problems if you've gotten this far.

Îstum is the most difficult of the three orc bosses, but still easier than the trolls so don't get too worried.

As with the other two orcs, this is a tank'n'spank with a couple of twists.

Îstum has four special moves to watch out for:

  • 1. He will do a whirlwind sort of move that will damage everyone a bit and toss everyone around the room. Not a huge deal.
  • 2. Important! He will drop acid puddles like the trolls. Watch for them, don't stand in them.
  • 3. Very Important! This third move is the toughest part of the fight. He will periodically summon 4 crawlers into the room. Each of these will, if they touch someone, explode, dealing 1k-2k damage to everyone nearby. Obviously, this can be painful, especially if all 4 hit you. For the first half of the fight, the crawlers will all spawn in the middle of the room. Position a Champion there, and keep everyone else away. The instant the crawlers pop, the champ should let loose with a big AOE to kill all four. No harm done. If he's too slow, well... at least he's the only one who dies. Later on in the fight, one crawler will spawn in each corner of the room. Assign one person to watch each corner, Hunters work very well for this.
  • 4. Once Îstum gets to about 100k health remaining, he will begin to turn random aggro and only respond to force taunts. Just have your Minstrels keep their eyes open, drop Fellowship's Heart if needed (it probably will be), and don't panic, he'll die soon enough. It has been noted that he is not 100% random during this phase: he will in fact cycle between attacking the tank and attacking randomly, but for all intents and purposes treat it as random.

Enjoy your shoulders!

The Blind One

Take your raid back to the crossroads and proceed through the middle door. You'll have a few trash mobs to clear before the fight. A lot of it you'll have seen before, but there is one new mob, the World-eater. These guys cannot be CC'ed in any way (they don't stack buffs, they're just immune), so you'll want to designate tanks to them until you are ready to kill them. Use similar tactics to the trash trolls found earlier in the dungeon. Now, these guys have two special abilities.

  • 1. The World-eater will cast a patch of dark tentacles somewhere on the ground, centered on a member of your raid. Anyone standing in this patch takes minor damage over time, but also has -90% outgoing AND incoming healing. Obviously, don't stand in it. The World-eaters tend to cast this on Minstrels most frequently, so keep your eyes open and stay moving. The patches will root you for about 4 seconds before you can move out of the way when they first spawn. You would think the -4 second root-boots from DN would prevent this, but in fact they do not. You just need to deal with it.
  • 2. The World-eater will apply debuffs to members of the raids saying they will incur the World-eater's punishment if they are high on the aggro list. The World-eaters tend to cast this around 15k, and will nuke everyone with the debuff a while later. If your DPS on a World-eater is reasonable, they'll never actually get this attack off, and that's the easiest method of avoiding it.

Once the trash is down, prepare for The Blind One (BO)! This is by far the most difficult fight of the dungeon, so get ready for it. Every single person in the raid has a job to do, and if any one person isn't doing it right you will wipe. Be sure everyone in the raid is listening hard when you explain this fight.

Important! If at any point during this fight a wipe is guaranteed, have everyone still alive run to the right corner of the door you entered. The BO will reset as it attempts to hit them, leaving (hopefully) somebody with a rez still alive to get your group up.

  • First Phase

The Blind One's room is roughly circular in shape. You will note black portals on three walls. Do not touch them, you can try, but will die instantly. Now, the most important part of the first phase is positioning. You have 12 people in your raid. You will want two of them (a Guardian and a Champion), on the center platform, where the BO stands green. The other 10 will be spaced evenly around the room. Picturing a clock face, where the door you enter is 6 o'clock and the opposite side is 12 o'clock, you will have essentially one person for each hour. I recommend placing your Minstrels at 1 and 7 and your Captains at 4 and 10. This will ensure each Minstrel can heal one Captain, each captain can heal one Minstrel, all healers can reach the two in the middle, and the other 6 people in the raid can all be reached by one Minstrel and one Captain.

Also, note that the BO has a damaging aura that will hit everyone in melee range for 500 a tick throughout the fight. In addition, it will hit anyone ENTERING or LEAVING the aura range for 1k. Don't go next to him unless you are one of the two tanks, or perhaps a burglar running in briefly to apply a debuff (warn your minstrels first, burgs!)

Be absolutely sure when planning positioning that everyone is as far as possible away from everyone else, except for your two tanks.

Phase One lasts from his starting health to 440k. The Blind One has three special moves during this phase:

  • 1. He will randomly apply a green eye to one member of the raid. This is contagious, and will spread to anyone near you. It will do a few ticks of a damaging DoT (about 2k overall), and then expire. If nobody is near you, that's all it does. If they are... they get the eye. And then give it back to you. And then... you get the point. Don't pass it around.
  • 2. He will randomly apply a red eye to one member of the raid. This is very similar to the green eye, except it nukes you for 2k all at once when it expires, then passes to anyone near you. Again, don't stand next to anybody and you'll be fine.
  • 3. This one is why most groups wipe in phase 1. He will punt the tank that currently has aggro, and wipe all aggro on that tank. The other tank must be ready to instantly pick up aggro with a force taunt to prevent the boss from running after a ranged attacker. Important! Hunters: keep absolute minimal threat during phase 1. This means staying in endurance and using nothing except quick shot and autoattack -- perhaps not even autoattack! Haste will kill you in this phase. Be patient and drain his health slowly to proceed to phase 2.
  • Second Phase

The second phase begins at 440k and lasts until 200k. During this, the special moves from phase 1 disappear, so feel free to group back up (a possible place is near the door you entered). Keep your tanks in the middle. The BO has a new battery of three specials here, and here they are:

  • 1. Darklings will periodically spawn and run at someone in your raid. When they collide, the targeted person will be sucked into a hole in the floor, unable to do anything for 10 seconds. However, that person may still be healed and attacked. BUT, their aggro is reset to 0 while in a hole, and bounces back to what it was before as soon as they exit. This is why you still need two tanks here, in case one gets sucked into a hole. Also, it is possible for both tanks to end up in holes, if that happens don't panic. Keep everyone alive until one pops back out, the BO will turn around and run back to the tank immediately.
  • 2. The BO will spawn the same tentacles on the ground that the World-eaters you've seen did. These will 99% of the time spawn under a Minstrel. So, Minstrels, once you see them, move out of the way to avoid the -90% outgoing healing debuff.
  • 3. The BO has an extremely nasty melee AoE attack. As in, one-shot Guardians on crits nasty. This move can be interrupted. Thus, your Burglar must make it a priority to spam addle on the BO, while your Champion clobbers every time he sees the induction start (signified by an orange ring around the BO).

The second phase is the easiest of the three phases, it shouldn't be any trouble if you got the first one done.

At about 210k left on the BO's health, have your Burglar dash into melee range, he'll be staying there during the third phase and needs to be ready.

  • Final Phase

After Mirkwood arrived, and the lvlcap has been raised to 65, in addition to the following tactics of the final fase, it's also possible to mass-nuke the BO, IF you've got enough and well geared lvl65's in your group. Don't forget to let your Burglar start a conjunction as soon as the final fase starts.

The BO should now be at 200k, everyone is still alive, and you have a Guardian, Champion, and Burglar in melee with him. There are now FOUR things to watch out for, each nastier than the last.

  • 1. Tentacles still come, as in phase 2.
  • 2. The AoE attack still comes, but much more frequently. Now is the time for your Champion to prove his worth, with clobber's short cooldown he should be able to get all of them. Your champion will be essentially spamming clobber only during this phase, he should not worry about dps whatsoever.
  • 3. The BO starts stacking damage boost corruptions, a la the Watcher. These come about once every 1 second (No, This was listed as 5 seconds, but it is MUCH quicker than that. The way to deal with these is to have your Guardian make liberal use of Sting, your Champion make liberal use of feral strikes (in between clobbers), and your Burglar use Improved Startling Twist to remove-corruptions. In addition, Important! anyone else with a burst corruption removal (three at once) should be set up in a rotation (this includes Hunters and Lore-masters particularly). Hunters should never use merciful shot unless it is their time in the rotation throughout this phase. Have a raid leader call out the first burst for each member, one every few seconds, then instruct them to hit it again immediately after the skill cooldown expires. Doing all of this should keep corruptions to a minimum.
  • 4. Despite of corruptions, The Blind One also begins summoning doppelgangers of himself every 45 seconds. These do not use any of his special abilities, and do not have a poison aura, but they do it hard. They also each have 500k morale like him. How do you deal with this? Your Lore-master. They CAN be CC'ed any way you like -- root, stun, mez, fear, anything. Use it all. Your LM should be going nuts here keeping everything down he possibly can, but other members should also use their CC if needed (Minstrels, got one beating on you? Fear it off.) When your LM starts to get overwhelmed (should be around 80k), have a Minstrel cast Call to Greatness on him for extra mez goodness.
    • An alternate method of dealing with the doppelgangers makes use of the fact that they take heavy damage from being CC'ed (as in tens of thousands of damager per CC application). If everyone in the raid hits each spawn with all the CC they have, you can kill them as they spawn. Also, they may spawn faster if you do this strategy: every 30 seconds instead of 45 (this last note had not been confirmed though).

At anywhere during this 200k, use your two Oathbreakers for more damage (but Hunters, DON'T use merciful during the Oathbreakers unless it is your turn to remove the corruptions! Also don't burn hot, you can't expect the LM to give you power during this phase). Everyone suck down the morale and power pots when you can, as your battery is currently fighting for his life against multiple doppelgangers. Minstrels put down Fellowship's Heart at about 50-60k, Captains drop in with IHW+LS after that runs out, and hope enough of you survive to finish him off!

Enjoy your well-earned leggings. Also a note, anyone stranded in the middle is still within range of the chest. And, anyone dropped through the hole that opens when he dies can find a door down there that'll teleport you back to the crossroads, from where you can run back to the chest.

The Mistress of Pestilence

If you can kill The Blind One, you WILL kill The Mistress of Pestilence. The difficulty doesn't even compare. And on that note, let's be off! Drop through the hole in the Blind One's chamber that opened when he died, and follow the passage around to the Mistress. No annoying trash here to deal with. Pop your tokens and scrolls, and let's be off!

  • First Phase

You'll see four World-eaters surrounding the Mistress. You've gotta take those down first before she activates. Now, to make it interesting they will cross-heal each other if close enough. Otherwise they're identical to trash you've seen before. So, here's the deal: Have a Guardian + Minstrel pair go occupy the two on the right, a la Thrang. Have a Captain tank the back left one, while your Champion tanks and the raid burns down the front left one. Then move around to the back left and kill it, followed by pulling one of the two off the guard and killing it and the last one. At this point, Important! You will be out of combat for long enough to eat food immediately after the last one dies. Make use of this. Now, the Mistress activates! Have your Guardian pick her up.

  • Second Phase

From full health to half health (about 250k), the fight is really quite boring. the Mistress has a DoT aura that will do increasing damage as the fight wears on to anyone near her (also the range expands as the fight goes on). Also, she will spawn little clouds that run around as if enraged and whack people. They also add buffs to the Mistress if enough of them are alive. However, they can be killed with one application of any form of CC. The fungal spores will reflect anything that isn't a CC so careful with aoe's. Other than that, heal through and tank'n'spank. Next phase.

  • Third Phase

Once the Mistress turns green at half health, have everyone spread out. Stay away from others, but still preferably within healing range (Minstrels in the middle if possible). You will have three waves of a LOT of adds. They are all swarms, and die very quickly. However, they all use a frontal AoE attack. This is why you spread out. Burn down the three waves, it shouldn't be that bad if you got this far.

An alternate method for dealing with this phase is to clump up and get into an AoE fight: your Champions versus the mobs. Your raid will take quite a bit of damage, however you should be able to burn down the mobs incredibly fast and survive.

Important: You must not use any roots during this phase. If you do, another swarm will immediately come out, meaning you'll be fighting very large horde and someone is probably guaranteed to die. This is especially true if you choose the clumping method.

At this point, everyone needs to get away from the edges of the room! There will be an acid cloud ringing the room as soon as the third wave of adds dies.

  • Final Phase

At this point, the Mistress will become attackable again, have your Guardian grab her once more. At the same time, you'll have three adds run in. These will each target one member of your raid and use a channeled mez on them. Important! Killing the adds is your entire raid's first priority. After about 10 seconds of being mezzed, a targeted player will have a debuff placed on them. 20 seconds after that, if that add is not killed the player will die. Simple as that, and nothing can be done about it since they are mezzed. Everyone still functional when the waves of three adds comes needs to burn down the adds ASAP, then get back on the Mistress. It helps here to have the raid bunched up so that AoE can be employed against the adds.

Other than the adds, the Mistress doesn't actually have any special attacks to watch out for, other than occasional AoEs you can't do anything about. Just kill her.

Enjoy your wondering if that was REALLY the end, and your chest piece. :)