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This page is about the NPC type. For the king of Dale, see Bard II

The Bard is a class of non-player character. Bards can be found in major cities (see below).

Bards sell standard musical instruments for player-made music. These instruments are used as weapons by the Minstrel class.

To purchase musical instruments talk to one of the following Bards:

Region Settlement Bard Title
Angmar Aughaire Giric Bard of Aughaire
Gath Forthnír Erebgon Bard of Gath Forthnír
Bree-land Combe Janie Sprigleaf Bard of Combe
Bree Owen Oaks Bard of Bree
Bree Training Hall Cooper Basilleaf Bard of Bree
East Rohan Cliving Bard of Rohan
Eaworth Bard of Rohan
Elthengels Bard of Rohan
Harwick Bard of Rohan
Hytbold Bard of Rohan
Snowbourn Bard of Rohan
Enedwaith Harndirion Nethraw Bard of Enedwaith
Ered Luin Celondim Faellindiel Bard of Celondim
Thorin's Hall Steinn Silvertongue Bard of Thorin’s Hall
Gondamon Malgannel Bard of Gondamon
Eregion Echad Mirobel Ithlinn Bard of Mirobel
Ettenmoors Glân Vraig Guleneth Bard of the Ettenmoors
Dâr-gazag Gavran
Evendim Tinnudir Pantlinn Bard of Tinnudir
Forochel Sûri-kylä Raimo Bard of Sûri-kylä
The Lone-lands Ost Guruth Hallam Comfrey Bard of Ost Guruth
Lothlórien Echad Andestel Gliriel Bard of Lothlórien
Caras Galadhon Uiguil Bard of Caras Galadhon
Mirkwood Ost Galadh Rudhwen Bard of Mirkwood
Barad Guldur Forlaer
Moria Twenty-first Hall Bói Bard of the Twenty-first Hall
The North Downs Esteldín Garchadron Bard of Esteldín
The Shire Michel Delving Gammer Took Bard of the Shire
The Trollshaws The Market of Rivendell Fileglin Bard of Rivendell
West Rohan Aldburg Bard of Rohan
Wildermore Forlaw Bard of Rohan


Item Cost
Basic Bagpipe-icon.png Basic Bagpipe 2 Silver 
Basic Bassoon-icon.png Basic Bassoon 2 Silver 
Basic Clarinet-icon.png Basic Clarinet 2 Silver 
Basic Cowbell-icon.png Basic Cowbell 2 Silver 
Basic Drum-icon.png Basic Drum 2 Silver 
Basic Flute-icon.png Basic Flute 2 Silver 
Basic Harp-icon.png Basic Harp 2 Silver 
Sprightly Fiddle-icon.png Basic Fiddle 2 Silver 
Basic Horn-icon.png Basic Horn 2 Silver 
Basic Lute-icon.png Basic Lute 2 Silver 
Basic Pibgorn-icon.png Basic Pibgorn 2 Silver 
Basic Theorbo-icon.png Basic Theorbo 2 Silver 
Blank Mentor Manual-icon.png Blank Mentor Manual 500 Silver 
Lute of Ages-icon.png Lute of Ages 2 Silver 
Misty Mountain Harp-icon.png Misty Mountain Harp 2 Silver 
Simple Pibgorn-icon.png Simple Pibgorn 60 Silver 
Student's Fiddle-icon.png Student's Fiddle 2 Silver 


Prior to the revamp of the trait system with the release of The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep, speaking to a Bard was required to adjust a character's traits.