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Visual indicators within the UI reveal certain information about the difficulty of creatures. The color of a creature's name is relative to a character's level and the portrait frame indicates the difficulty type of a creature.

Relative name colour

The colour of creature names give a quick indication of the difference between a creature's level compared to the character examining it. Creatures much higher than a player's skill level are prone to deflect or nullify attacks making it more difficult and sometimes impossible to defeat them while aggressive creatures will ignore a character nine or more levels above his own level.

Grey - 9 or more levels below the character's level (yields no XP)

Green - 6-8 levels below

Turquoise - 3-5 levels below

Blue - 1-2 levels below

White - Same level as yourself

Yellow - 1-2 level above

Orange - 3-4 levels above

Red - 5-7 levels above

Purple - 8 or more levels above (yields no XP)
Most attacks deflected

Difficulty types

Together with a creature's level, difficulty type determines certain attributes such as morale, power, resistances and mitigations. Normal creatures are easily defeated while Arch-nemesis creatures require planning and cooperation to defeat. The prefix Rare on a difficulty level when hovering the mouse determines if it's a normal enemy or one that spawns at different areas and can be found prowling about. Types range from Swarm and Normal to Arch-nemesis. Combat NPCs aligned with the Free Peoples have an similar difficulty type scale ranging from Swarm to Hero. The difficulty type is revealed by hovering the mouse cursor over a creature or looking at its portrait frame.



Scion Swarm



Rare Normal

Scion Normal

Good Signature


Rare Signature

Scion Signature and above

Defender: Freep, NPCs


Rare Elite

Master Defender: Freep, NPCs

Elite Master

Rare Elite Master

Avenger: Freep, NPCs


Rare Nemesis

Hero: Freep, NPCs


Rare Arch-nemesis
See Creatures by Type for all different types.

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