The Dark Door

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Dark Door
Type: Dungeon
Region: West Rohan
Area: Kingstead
Location: [73.3S, 69.3W]


The Dark Door is a landmark within Dunharrow in West Rohan. [73.3S, 69.3W] The Dimholt, is a small, dark, fir-wood at the far end of Dunharrow, outside the entrance to the Dark Door and the Paths of the Dead.


From Dunharrow, a double row of standing stones marked an ancient roadway leading away into the east, towards the Dwimorberg (the Haunted Mountain) and the Paths of the Dead. A traveller taking that road would soon come under the trees of a dark fir-wood. Deep within this wood of black trees stood a single great stone to mark the way, and beyond that, among the roots of the Dwimorberg, lay the Dark Door of the Dead. Beyond lay the Paths of the Dead.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place: