Woodhurst Mead Hall

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Woodhurst Mead Hall
Region: West Rohan
Area: Stonedeans
Settlement: Woodhurst
Location: [47.1S, 80.3W]

Perched on a hill high above the town, the Woodhurst Mead Hall is the seat of the Thane of Woodhurst and Reeve of the Stonedeans, [47.1S, 80.3W] although due to the current situation the Thane is not in evidence. The mixed blood (and cultures) of the population show in the two large Dunlendish Ox-totems on the Reeve's dias alongside the more common horse carvings that dominate the art of Rohan.

The Exterior of the Woodhurst Mead Hall


Gifemund (After "Instance:Liberating Woodhurst")

Quest Involvement