Brockbridge Mead Hall

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Brockbridge Mead Hall
Region: West Rohan
Area: Stonedeans
Settlement: Brockbridge
Location: [51.0S, 77.7W]

Brockbridge Mead Hall is the seat of Thane Léoferth of Brockbridge. [51.0S, 77.7W]

The Exterior of Brockbridge Mead Hall

The Mead Hall has been readied for battle. The windows have been boarded over, supplies laid in, and barracades erected. In the far corner, a bed has been placed for Thane Léoferth; his body may be failing but his spirit is as strong as ever.


  • Léoferth -- Thane of Brockbridge
  • Dunith -- Thane's Hand-maiden
  • Gewis -- Brockbridge Cook
  • Hungry Guard

There are no services inside the Mead Hall

Quest Involvement

Vol. III, Book 12