Western Malenhad

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Areas-icon.png Western Malenhad
Region: Angmar
Landmark(s): Bail Boglakh
Bail Róva
Settlement(s): Tyrn Lhuig
Eastern Malenhad
Ram Dúath
Levels: Mainly 43 - 45
Resource tier: Artisan
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Western Malenhad (Sindarin for Yellow-place) is an area within Angmar in the southern region.

This is the western section of Malenhad, an area which consists of sulfuric marshlands. Throughout the area steam is pouring out of fumaroles and rising off the hot springs dotting the landscape. There's a large amount of geothermal activity within the swamp likely making for a much more humid and warmer environment than the rest of Angmar. That would also explain the wildlife which consists of bog-lurkers, giant flies, Dread Turtles, and fiery worms. In a damp cave under the foot of the mountains in the north, Gertheryg have set up with their worm pets. Goblins have built huts along the sulfuric ponds in the northwest likely in an attempt to extract some kind of resource, but are also found with their Angmarim allies withinin the enemy holdings of Bail Boglakh and Bail Róva. In a large pocket amidst the mountains, known as Sálgaitë, a large brood of worms have made their nests.

Between Western and Eastern Malenhad is Rammas Deluon, a border of malicious Watching-stones. Unless having conquered a spirit commanding such a stone, the border is fatal and impossible to pass through. Hence, any member of the Free Peoples is advised to seek out Corunir in Aughaire, who is said to be looking for ways to pass through, before trying to head east.

In the south a band of hill-men hunters of the Trév Gállorg tribe have set up camp at Tyrn Lhuig. Within the camp. the hill-men provide basic services such as a Healer, Provisioner, Tasks Bulletin Board and Camp Site Fire. The inhabitants also provide challenges for any looking to prove themselves in the surrounding lands.


Tyrn Lhuig

The following settlements are found within this region:


These landmarks are located within Western Malenhad:


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Bail Boglakh

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Bail Róva

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Angmar Topographic map of Angmar


Goblin huts along the pools View of the swamp with a goblin camp Steam rising from fumaroles A view of the yellow landscape in Western Malenhad Dread-turtles outside Tyrn Lhuig Watching-stones outside the passage to Bail Boglakh