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Type: Ruins
Region: Evendim
Area: Tyl Ruinen
Location: [11.4S, 71.9W]


Tollobel is a landmark within Tyl Ruinen in Evendim. [11.4S, 71.9W]

At the highest point of the main island of Tyl Ruinen, with a wondrous view over Lake Evendim, lie these ruins. Few dare enter this location since it is overrun by fiery salamanders. Thus these living flame-throwers have guarded artifacts valuable to scholars.

Near Tollobel are Humfrey Rumming and Lúgethir who seek to find the source of this salamander infestation, as well as a way to prevent it from spreading to the rest of Evendim.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


Isolated by the lake from most of the other estates and ruins of Evendim, few scholars are certain of the nature of the ruins that lie there today. The foremost theories suggest that it may have once been either a prison or vault used by the rulers of Annúminas - this at least would explain the general secrecy and rare mention of the place in histories of the region.
Alas, there is little solid evidence to support these ideas, save for a series of unusually deep and extensive cellars within the crumbling ruins. If there were vaults here, they have long ago been picked over for any valuables they might have contained. — Deed text


Inside the ruins of Tollobel Entrance to the cellar of Tollobel The first level of the Tollobel cellar The salamander nest in the cellar