The Weather Hills

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Area.png The Weather Hills
Region: The Lone-lands
Landmark(s): Bleakrift
Candaith's Encampment
Echad Sûl
Ost Alagos
The Lone-lands:
Nain Enidh
Far Chetwood
The Midgewater Marshes
Nen Harn
Levels: Mainly 22 - 23, 55
Resource tier: Journeyman
Weather Hills West.jpg

The Weather Hills is an area that spans over the east of Bree-land as well as the north-west of the Lone-lands.

This is a vast and dangerous area of hilltops mainly to the north-west of, and including, Weathertop. The Weather Hills are inhabited by creatures such as boars, crebain, wargs, and wolves, but also evil goblin and orcs; adventurers never really know what hazard will show up behind the next rock. Numerous ruins mark the former presence and realms of elves and men, and these are well worth a visit. (It should be noted that the Bree-land part is named "Weather Hills" and the Lone-lands part is named "The Weather Hills", the latter having the more activities.)

The most notable location of the Weather Hills is Weathertop, no other peak in any nearby area matches its height. Any traveller is affected and moved by its fashion and power, yet it is ruined. Recently, several curious events have taken place at Weathertop and within the Weather Hills. A Ranger named Candaith has set up a safe camp with a Camp Site Fire and a swift horse; he is helping adventurers on epic quests and faithfully defends Amon Sûl against the hoards of the Enemy.


These landmarks are located within The Weather Hills:




Candaith's Encampment


HumanF.png Aggie Honeysuckle
HumanM.png Dale Sageford
HumanM.png Sam Thistlebur

The Lone-lands
HumanM.png Pengail
Ranger.png Candaith


Ost Alagos

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



The Lone-lands




The following creatures are found within this area:

The Lone-lands


Map of Bree-land Topographic map of Bree-land Click for larger image Topographic map of the Lone-lands


The name among Men for the north-south range of hills that lay in central Eriador, and in ancient times marked part of the border between the lands of Arthedain and Rhudaur. Weathertop, or Amon Sûl, lay at the southern end of the range.
The most notable location is Weathertop, which is mentioned in Tolkien's works and dates back to before II 3320. While this area is dotted with ruins, none of them may be safely dated further back than early c. III 1300 when Argeleb I, the seventh king of Dúnedain, fortified this area in an attempt to return Arnor to its former glory.
While the Weather Hills are not mentioned by name in Tolkien's works, they are referred to and described, usually in connection with Weathertop. It was through these hills that Strider brought Frodo and his companions during their escape from Bree, when Gandalf chose the quicker Great East Road, and they ran past each other. Now Candaith watches over the ancient relics as a valiant Ranger of the North who hallows this formerly glorious tower.


Pond found in the western Weather Hills Midgewater Pass ford connecting to Gondrinn & Bleakrift

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