The Delving Fields

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Areas-icon.png The Delving Fields
Region: The Shire
Landmark(s): The Bird and Baby Inn
Dora Brownlock's Farm
Downs Gate
Sandson's Farm
South Fields
Southfarthing Gate
Wolf Den
Settlement(s): Little Delving
Michel Delving
Rushock Bog
Shire Homesteads
Levels: Mainly 1 - 10
Resource tier: Apprentice
The Delving Fields.jpg

The Delving Fields is an area within the Shire, in the western region.

These fields consisting mostly of fields, meadows and farmland which makes this area the largest farmhold in the Westfarthing of the Shire. Michel Delving is the largest settlement and "capital" of the Shire and is located to the west and provides services and attractions of all sorts. This area is also known as the White Downs, referring to the range of chalk downs.

Crafters of all sorts will find extensive support and opportunities, and Michel Delving hosts an auction house. South of town there is a big crafting fair with all sorts of equipment and servicing staff, open fields for farmers, and the cooks guild house.

Two very large roads pass through The Delving Fields and cross at Waymeet; the ancient Great East Road that runs from Downs Gate east through the Shire to Stock and beyond, and the road from the northern Ered Luin via Rushock Gate passing south via Southfarthing Gate and beyond.


The following settlements are found within this region:


Michel Delving
Little Delving

These landmarks are located within The Delving Fields:



See list of NPCs within the Delving Fields

NPC Function Coords
HobbitM.png Andy Brockhouse Housing Broker [36.5S, 72.8W]
HobbitM.png Jolly Smallburrow Quest [35.3S, 73.2W]


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



Sandson's Farm
Dora Brownlock's Farm

The following creatures are found within this area:


The Shire

Map of The Shire Topographic map of The Shire

The Delving Fields

Map of The Delving Fields


One of several farmlands in The Delving Fields River in the western Delving Fields Shrew Burrows in the southern Delving Fields Canopied road in the Delving Fields Old ruins near farmland