Tham Ornen

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Tham Ornen
Type: Ruins
Region: Evendim
Area: Parth Aduial
Location: [8.7S, 66.4W]
Tham Ornen.jpg


Tham Ornen is a landmark within Parth Aduial in Evendim. [8.7S, 66.7W]

High above Lake Evendim this estate once enjoyed a gorgeous view over the twilights of the lake. Not far from Ost Forod the family suffered no shortage of business, and the nearby hills and forests provided plenty of wildlife. Nowadays Angmarim and other hosts of the Enemy have set up camp within the broken walls where they search for anything that could aid them against the free peoples.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


The smallest of the great houses of Arnor built their estate here at Tham Ornen. While they could not claim the wealth or power of the other houses, it is said that this family had close ties with the Royal line of the Kings of Annúminas. As such they suffered few of the more difficult turns of fate that befell many of the other houses, and were highly respected throughout their long history.
Nevertheless, their fate became inextricably twined with that of the royal line so as the power of Arnor fragmented and faded, so too did the family at Tham Ornen fade into the pages of history. — Deed text


Banners along the entrance to the inner camp The main entrance into the Angmarim occupied ruins The inner camp of Tham Ornen Angmarim tents in the outer section of the ruins