Tûr Morva

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Settlements-icon.png Tûr Morva
Region: Dunland
Area: Tâl Methedras
Location: [75.0S, 8.9W]
Tûr Morva.jpg


Tûr Morva is the Hebog-lûth (Falcon-clan) settlement in Tâl Methedras. It is ruled by Lheu Brenin. The Grey Company stayed here for some time during their journey south through Dunland.

Quest Involvement

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  2. [68] Book 4, Chapter 7: Aiding Tûr Morva - Penrod
    1. [68] Rangers Put to Work - Penrod
  3. [68] Book 4, Chapter 8: The Messenger of Isengard - Lheu Brenin
  4. [68] Book 4, Chapter 9: Return to Galtrev - Lheu Brenin
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  2. [72] Book 4, Chapter 30: The Rescue - Théodred
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  4. [85] Interlude:Pit of the Falcon


  • Boats are available on the lake shore to fast travel from the eastern side of the lake by Tûr Morva to the western side and back. This helps when completing the quests requiring travel to the western area.
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