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Middle-earth: Starter Area, Lands, Regions, Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Maps
A map of Middle-earth.

The lands of Middle-earth are divided into Regions.

  • Currently the four accessible lands in Lord of the Rings Online are the western plains of Eriador, the wilderness of Rhovanion, the kingdom of Gondor, and the wasteland of Mordor.
  • Regions are marked in large text on the Land maps of Eriador, Rhovanion, Gondor, and Mordor - selectable areas to drill down in the in-game map. However, if zooming back out (right click) does not take you directly the Land map, then it is not a Region as defined here.
  • Each region has its own dedicated map showing the areas, settlements and landmarks within its borders.

Lands of Middle-earth

A map of Eriador.


The 14 regions of Eriador are:

Regions of Eriador
AngmarBree-landDunland (Gap of RohanNan Curunír) • EnedwaithEred LuinEregionEttenmoorsEvendimForochelThe Lone-landsThe Misty MountainsThe North DownsThe ShireThe Trollshaws
A map of Rhovanion.


The 9 regions of Rhovanion are:

Regions of Rhovanion
East Rohan (Wildermore) • The Great RiverLothlórienMirkwoodMoriaEryn Lasgalen and the Dale-landsWest Rohan (Entwood) • Vales of Anduin
A map of Gondor.


The 6 regions of Gondor are:

Regions of Gondor
Central GondorEastern GondorFar AnórienMarch of the KingOld AnórienThe WastesWestern Gondor
A map of Mordor.


The 3 regions of Mordor are:

Regions of Mordor
The Plateau of Gorgoroth