Ost Lagorath

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Ost Lagorath
Type: Ruins
Region: The Shire
Area: The Yondershire
Location: [21.8S, 82.3W]
Ost Lagorath
Ost Lagorath

Ost Lagorath is a landmark within the Yondershire, in the Shire. [21.8S, 82.3W]

High above the surrounding woods and by the river that runs through Gamwich in the south, lies this once powerful fortress. Now ruffians are ruining it more than having been derelict for hundreds of years.





These deeds can be advanced by exploring Ost Lagorath:


Wingard Puddifoot


These creatures are encountered at this location:


The ruins of Ost Lagorath tower over the fields of Yondershire, a reminder to the folk of that land that mighty events once shaped even their small corner of Middle-earth. These days, the crumbling walls serve mainly to hide the camps of ruffians, and the only kings that govern from the central keep are those that rule the brigands. — Deed