Northcotton Market

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This page is about the friendly Hobbit market. For the nearby instance, see Northcotton Farm
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Northcotton Market
Type: Village
Region: Evendim
Area: Bullroarer's Sward
Location: [22.9S, 68.0W]
Northcotton Market.jpg

Northcotton Market is located within the area of Bullroarer's Sward in Evendim. [22.9S, 68.0W]

The citizens of Oatbarton are worried that the market won't happen this year. The sudden increase of evil big-folks and what not they brought along have hindered most of the friendly hobbits from coming by for preparations. The forecasts are very dark, unless some helpful stranger is willing to give a hand.


There are several landmarks located within Northcotton Market:


Northcotton Mark Grounds

HobbitM.png Albin Northcotton - Market Leader
HobbitF.png Blossom Gamgee
HobbitF.png Edulf Tunnelly
HobbitM.png Gerard Deephole
HobbitM.png Milo Longfurrow
HobbitF.png Rosa Brockhouse
HobbitM.png Theobald Longfurrow


Albin Northcotton
Milo Longfurrow
Blossom Gamgee
Rosa Brockhouse
Gerard Deephole
Nibs Chubb and Hal Gamgee
Albin Northcotton


The following creatures are found within this area:


Northcotton Market with trails


The path up to Northcotton Market & Farm One of many farms up at Northcotton Goods on display outside a shopfront Smials of the hobbits who live up in Northcotton