North Bridgefields

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Areas-icon.png North Bridgefields
Region: The Shire
Brandy Hills - Bree-land
The Brandywood - Bree-land
Bullroarer's Sward - Evendim
Levels: Mainly 10 - 12
Resource tier: Journeyman
North Bridgefields.jpg

North Bridgefields is an area within the Shire in the north-eastern region.

This area is the stretch of woods and the hilly flatlands from just north of Bridgefields Wall along Brandywine River until the ridge and natural border to Evendim, east of Greenfields. The North Bridgefields are occupied solely by natural wildlife, such as bears, wolves and deer. It provides neither services nor points of interest outside of an abandoned farm. The northernmost section hosts creatures above level 30.


Wall before Evendim


Eastern North Bridgefields Farm in the North Bridgefields Yellow flowers form a meadow in North Bridgefields Valley in the North Bridgefields