Item:Bingo Badge

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Token of Salutation-icon.png
Bingo Badge
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Barter Item
  • "Bert Bartleby accepts these badges in trade for a number of fine items he has collected in his travels."

Quest Information

This item is a reward from the following quests:

Letter 3 (quest)-icon.png Request for Assistance!
  1. [8] The Call to Adventure
  2. [9] Training for the Journey
  3. [10] Sink or Swim
  4. [11] Disapproving Boggs
  5. [12] Leaving is Not Easy
  6. [16] A Brood of Boffins
  7. [18] Marigold
  8. [19] Defying Description
  9. [22] Synonyms for Spooky
  10. [24] The Two Taverns
  11. [26] The Last Treasure
  12. [28] Goose and Gander
  13. [32] The End Now?
  14. [34] A Restful Night
  15. [35] A New Friend
  16. [39] A Hospitable Home
  17. [40] Notes by the Author
  18. [42] A Snowy Climb
  19. [43] A Dangerous Detour
  20. [45] A Daring Plan
  21. [46] An Author Absent
  22. [48] A New Hunt
  23. [49] Dour Faces
  24. [50] A Change of Name
  25. [51] Into the Long Dark
  26. [53] Willem Takes the Lead
  27. [56] Bingo's Scattered Thoughts
  28. [58] A Farewell
  29. [60] A Chapter About Elves
  30. [63] A Taste of War
  31. [66] First, Breakfast!
  32. [68] Second Breakfast
  33. [70] The Banks of the Great River
  34. [72] Unusual Friends
  35. [75] Enter the Easterlings
  36. [78] Bingo's Burden
  37. [80] Yea or Neigh?
  38. [82] The Tracker
  39. [85] A Cold Trail
  40. [88] Bert has a Word
  41. [90] Mistaken Identity
  42. [92] A Horse in a Haystack
  43. [93] Thoughts of Home
  44. [93] Willem Whisker and the Wide World
  45. [93] A String of Ill Fortune
  46. [93] Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
  47. [93] Full Course, Of Course!
  48. [93] Homesick and Just Sick
  49. [93] Through the Blockade
  50. [93] Bingo Returns Home
  51. [93] Hand-written, Hand-delivered
  52. [93] The Perfect Recipe

Thank you for playing through The Ballad of Bingo Boffin!

See The Ballad of Bingo Boffin Quests for dates of appearance, as well as Episodic Content for background.

Barter Information

Barterer: Bert Bartleby (Bingo Badge Barterer, near Michel Delving's Stable-master)

Bert in Michel Delving

Initially, Bert can be found in Michel Delving, across the road from the Stable-master. [34.3S, 75.5W]

Bert at the West Gate of Bree

With the quest [16] A Brood of Boffins, Bert moves to the West Gate of Bree, opposite the Stable Master. [29.6S, 52.7W]

Bert at Ost Guruth

With the quest [24] The Two Taverns, Bert moves to the entrance of Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands, right next to the Stable Master. [32.1S, 29.7W]

Bert at Rivendell

With the quest [34] A Restful Night, Bert moves to the stables of Rivendell in the Trollshaws, slightly northeast of the Stable Master. [29.2S, 6.6W]

Bert at Glóin's Camp

With the quest [42] A Snowy Climb, Bert moves to the Glóin's Camp in the Misty Mountains. [24.8S, 4.0W]

Bert at Gwingris

With the quest [48] A New Hunt, Bert has arrived at the ruins of Gwingris in Eregion, up a ramp in the southeast corner of the ruins, just north of the Skirmish Camp. [40.3S, 15.8W]

Bert at The Dolven-view

With the quest [51] Into the Long Dark, Bert has arrived at the Dolven-view in Moria, [8.5S, 112.3W]

Bert at Caras Galadhon

With the quest [60] A Chapter About Elves, Bert has arrived at Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien, [16.3S, 67.2W]

Bert at The Haunted Inn in Mirkwood

With the quest [63] A Taste of War, Bert has arrived at the Haunted Inn in Mirkwood, [13.4S, 56.2W]

Bert at Haldirith within The Great River

With the quest [70] The Banks of the Great River, Bert has arrived at the outpost of Haldirith in Thinglad along the Great River, [21.6S, 63.4W]

Bert at Harwick in The Wold

With the quest [78] Bingo's Burden, Bert has arrived at Stable Master in Harwick in the Wold, [39.0S, 52.3W]

Bert at Forlaw

With the quest [82] A Cold Trail, Bert has arrived at Stable Master in Forlaw in Wildermore, [39.3S, 60.9W]

Bert at Woodhurst

With the quest [90] Mistaken Identity, Bert has arrived near the east gate of Woodhurst in Stonedeans in West Rohan. [47.5S, 79.2W]

Bert at Avardin

With the quest [93] Willem Whisker and the Wide World, Bert has arrived near the center of Avardin in Starkmoor in Dunland. [83.4S, 20.7W]

Bert at Lhanuch

With the quest [93] Treasure Lost, Treasure Found, Bert has arrived near the center of Lhanuch in Enedwaith. [66.6S, 17.3W]

Bert at Andrath

With the quest [93] Through the Blockade, Bert has arrived at Andrath, in Bree-land. [34.8S, 51.8W]

Bert at Bingo's House

With the quest [93] The Perfect Recipe, Bert has arrived at Boffin Manor in Michel Delving. [33.0S, 75.1W]

Quest Involvement