Quest:Instance: Mistaken Identity

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Instance: Mistaken Identity
Level 90
Type Solo
Starts with Bingo Boffin
Starts at Broadacres
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [49.6S, 74.2W]
Ends with Egwylf
Ends at Broadacres
End Region Broadacres
Map Ref [49.5S, 74.3W]
Quest Group The Ballad of Bingo Boffin
Reflecting Pool Bingo Boffin's Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Mistaken Identity
"A frightful storm has descended upon the plains of Rohan, and it threatens to dampen Bingo's spirits!"


As you travel across the plains of Rohan with Bingo, Egwylf and Willem Whisker, a fierce storm has arisen and troubled your passage.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Bingo before the storm gets worse

You have been caught out in the storm with Bingo, Egwylf, and Willem.

Bingo Boffin: 'This storm sprang up most suddenly, <name>! We should look for a place to take some shelter from the rain and the wind!
'I am quite nervous about this lightning, too!'

Objective 2

  • Look for a place to shelter from the storm

Bingo is ready to cross into the kingdom of Rohan.

Bingo Boffin says, "What is that sound?"

Objective 3

A Nazgûl has descended upon the plains of Rohan, and Bingo is in danger!

Nazgûl says, "Sssooo far from Shire..."
Nazgûl says, "Bagginsssss!"
Bingo Boffin says, "Baggins? I believe you have made a mistake!"
Bingo Boffin says, "I am a Boffin! Bingo Boffin!"
Nazgûl says, "Bagginsss..."
Egwylf says, "Bingo! You have to get out of here!"
Egwylf says, "Tanglemane! Take Bingo and go!"
Bingo Boffin says, "Tanglemane, wait! We cannot leave them behind!"
Egwylf says, "<name>! The beast fears fire!"
Nazgûl says, "Ssssss..."
Egwylf says, "Take this torch and set the grass ablaze!"

Objective 4

  • Pick up the torch from the ground where it has fallen

Egwylf thinks you might be able to drive away the Nazgûl if you can set the grass afire.

MAKESHIFT TORCH "This stick would serve adequately as a torch."
  • Set the grass on fire
The flame catches!

Objective 5

The Nazgûl hisses angrily. It does not wish to get close to the flames!

Egwylf says, "Away with you! This is no place for the likes of you!"
Egwylf says, "Bingo! Bingo!"
Egwylf says; "Tanglemane bore him to safety... but also beyond earshot!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Egwylf

The Nazgûl has fled.

Egwylf: 'We have to find Bingo, <name>! That creature may come back!'

Instance: Mistaken Identity