Quest:Instance: The Perfect Recipe

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Instance: The Perfect Recipe
Level 93
Type Solo
Starts with Bingo Boffin
Starts at Boffin Manor
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.0S, 75.1W]
Ends with Bingo Boffin
Ends at Boffin Manor
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.0S, 75.1W]
Quest Group The Ballad of Bingo Boffin
Reflecting Pool Bingo Boffin's Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Perfect Recipe
"The day of the party has finally arrived and Bingo has sent you outside to greet the arriving guests."


The day for Bingo's party has arrived... Will any of the invited quests show up?

Objective 1

Myrtle Boggs leads a small group of Bingo's neighbours on the path outside his hobbit-hole.

Myrtle's guarded expression is more suitable for a battle than a party

Objective 2

  • Talk to Myrtle on the path outside Bingo's hobbit-hole

Myrtle Boggs is outside Bingo's hobbit-hole. Is she coming to the party?

Myrtle Boggs: 'Well, I suppose it would be rude not to attend Bingo's party, so here we are, <name>. Do you think he has forgotten that business about the petition I began before he left on his adventure? I would appreciate it if you did not remind him about it.'

Objective 3

  • Greet the guests for Bingo's party as they arrive

More guests are arriving for Bingo's party, and you should greet them and make them feel welcome.

Myrtle Boggs says, "Whom else has Bingo invited, <name>?"
Myrtle Boggs says, "I assume many of the Shire's most notable families will be represented."
Poppy Bracegirdle says, "Some of them are coming along now, Myrtle."
Poppy Bracegirdle says, "Oh my."
Iolo Brochtû says, "This Shire is very quaint. Both like and unlike Maur Tulhau."
Iola Isbrun says, "I told ye we'd find the place, Rhus!"
Rhus Cornchúthur says, "Bah!"
Iola Isbrun says, "These must be Bingo's neighbours. Are ye also on the way to his party?"
Myrtle Boggs says, "Uh... well..."
Iola Isbrun says, "Hello, <name>!"
Iola Isbrun says, "I know the invitation was intended for me, but the Maer wanted to see Bingo's home for himself."
Iola Isbrun says, "And before you could say Tuwulh-gwirod, half the town had invited themselves along!"
Myrtle Boggs says, "Are you folk... hobbits? Not from the Shire, certainly!"
Myrtle Boggs says, "Is it possible...?"
Myrtle Boggs says, "These hobbits have come from far away, haven't they?"
Myrtle Boggs says, "What is this feeling, <name>? It is wholly unusual!"
Myrtle Boggs says, "A desire to explore the unknown and to see far-off lands fills my heart!"
Violed Isbrun says, "Oh, someone else is coming up the road."
Myrtle Boggs says, "On second thought, I think I am fine without adventuring in my life."
Langhár says, "I hope I have not missed the party, <name>. Where is Bingo?"

Objective 4

  • Talk to the new arrival

More guests are arriving to Bingo's party every moment, but there is no guarantee they will all get along!

<If you have completed Instance: Lothrandir>
Mercy: '<name>... I did not know where to go. I wandered for a long time, never knowing why the Rangers spared me, or why Bingo showed me kindness. My unguided steps took me north, not with any plan or design, but simply because that was where they carried me. Would they bring me to the Angmar where Avair dwelled, or to the Forochel that made Gun Ain? Where could I begin again, as Mercy?
'In Galtrev I found a parchment on the wind. It was an invitation to a dinner party, addressed to a man I never met, a man named Humfrey. He must have set it down, or lost it, and so it came to me. I did not know where else to go... but I had not forgotten Bingo's kindness, and will not. I wanted to tell him I was grateful for it, and my northward passage gained its destination.
'On the road I passed a number of men, former brigands all, who also spoke loudly of Bingo's deeds. It seems they will be farmers. I do not know if that will be my course, but perhaps I can find a path of my own once I have thanked Bingo for the good of his.'


<If you did not yet complete Instance: Lothrandir>
Maervadhor: 'Greetings to you, <name>. I know I did not receive an invitation to Bingo's party... no, do not worry! I do not begrudge him that, nor did I expect one! I spoke with him only briefly, a long time ago, and was compelled by other duties at the time.
'I was recently in Rivendell at the behest of the Lady Galadriel, and while there I spoke with quite a fellow. Bilbo is his name, and it seems he is quite eager to read Bingo's book. He told me about this party and that he sadly would not be able to attend, and I told him I would go on his behalf and report back concerning Bingo's progress on the book.
'To that end I have prepared a large quantity of ink and have brought it with me as a gift for Bingo. May his quill never run dry!'

Objective 5

  • Greet the new arrivals

More guests are arriving for Bingo's party!

Bert Bartleby says, "Hello there, <name>!"
Bert Bartleby says, "Look whom I found on the road!"
Bert Bartleby says, "Willem Whisker... and his whole family!"
Myrtle Boggs says, "Oh dear! Do those things eat hobbits?"
Iola Isbrun says, "It is a pleasure to meet you! Are you also skin-changers like this woman?"
Langhár says, "No, Willem is not a skin-changer like those in my family."
Langhár says, "But he does seem to have quite a family of his own!"

Objective 6

Bert Bartleby has arrived outside Bingo's hobbit-hole, and he is ready to commence with the feasting!

Bert Bartleby: 'I am sad to report that none of my brothers will be able to make it to the party today, <name>. They all have obligations in other lands, but I promised that Old Rattlepacks and I would represent the Bartleby family to the very best of our abilities!
'Now, where is our host? I am ready to have a plate or two of tasty victuals! Let us go inside!'

Objective 7

  • Enter Bingo's home for the party

The guests have arrived and Bingo's party has truly begun. The party is in full swing!

Before long, the party is well under way!

Objective 8

  • Mingle!

Bingo's home is packed with many of the friends he made on his journey, and you should mingle with the guests before the bell is rung for dinner.

Bingo's neighbours and the visitors from Maur Tulhau try to find common ground
Merrimac Fairbairn: 'I have not been able to get a word in edge-wise! I do not remember agreeing to leave the Shire, but Violed seems to think I did!
'What has this party gotten me into, <name>?'
Violed Isbrun: 'There are many ferocious creatures in the woods of the Gloomglens, but as distant cousins ye must possess the same skills as we! Ye will be able to avoid their notice, Merrimac, and visit us straight away!
'Hello, <name>! I have been telling these good folk that they should come visit us in Maur Tulhau and enjoy a traditional Welcoming Feast, as Bingo did!
'If they eat as much as Bingo, they may need to also enjoy the traditional week of recovery following such a Feast, but we would find a place for them! I hope they will come visit!'
Iola Isbrun: 'My sister is quite taken with this Merrimac fellow. I do not think he seems as happy about this fact as she!'

Donnamira Took studies Bingo's manuscript-in-progress for suitability in her library
Donnamira Took: 'Bingo's manuscript is very good so far, <name>, but I do wish he showed a little proficiency with spelling and grammar. The book will need some refinement before I am comfortable placing it on a library shelf!'
Maervadhor: 'Bingo has amassed quite a collection of books! I am impressed with his scholarly dedication, and I wonder what the great collections of my people are missing for their lack of hobbit literature!
'It was very nice of Bilbo Baggins to give me his invitation when I visited Imladris!'
Prisca Boffin: 'It is good to sit down for a moment. All of my children are occupied for now, and I can have a moment to myself!
'I should tell cousin Bingo to host these parties more often!'

Theodore and Bert seek to outdo each other's tales, but the hobbits just want to eat!'
Theodore Gorse: 'This has been quite an adventure, <name>. I do not know what Haley and I will do from here on out, but I do not doubt that it will be an experience full of danger and excitement!
'Do not tell her I said this, but I do think that without her by my side, I might have gotten in over my head a time or two on this adventure. Nothing I wouldn't be able to solve by myself, of course! You were a help too, from time to time, once or twice. What I am trying to say is that even an experienced adventurer like Theodore Gorse needs friends from time to time!'
Theodore coughs with embarrassment, and his usual bluster returns.
'Now then! Enough of the sugary platitudes! My past is magnificent! My present is satisfactory! I defy you to disappoint me, future!'
Bert Bartleby: 'I must ask Theodore where he got his hat. I would like to add it to my collection!'
Milo Goodbody: 'This is a nice table. I don't see any scruff-marks upon it at all. And yet, judging from Bingo's dancing upon the tables of the Prancing Pony, he must have gotten some practice in the art from somewhere!'
Griffo Boffin: 'I thought this was a dinner party? Why is it taking so long to get dinner on the table?
'The rumbling in my belly will drown out all the conversation if we don't eat soon!'

Bingo is reminiscing with Egwylf and Langhár
Bingo Boffin: 'I did not expect so many people to come to my party! Surely I did not send out this many invitations!
'Willem even made the journey, and he brought his mate and his many cubs! Prisca's children seem quite taken with them... I must remind W.W. to count his cubs carefully when it is time for my lynx friends to return home!'
Mercy: 'This girl has not stopped dancing since she arrived. She seems to delight in it, but I admit I do not understand why!'
Adolinda: 'Ah, I can remember such fine parties as this! It has been so long, and even longer than death, for things were not well enough for parties in Audaghaim. But when I was a mere lass, not more than eight or nine, I remember the excitement of a gathering of friends!
'How did I come to be here? Why, I found a curious attachment to that horseshoe you have been carrying around! Perhaps some small portion of its metal came once from Audaghaim, long ago, and it was combined with other metals during the years since? I cannot say... but as I am bound to the place of my curse, that is as good a reason as any I can fathom.
'I am delighted to see such a merry gathering once again, though I deserve it not. Still, I thank you for bringing me here, however unknowingly!'

Marigold and Spalvi are held in rapt attention by Haley's adventures
Marigold Boffin: 'Haley is incredible, and remarkable, especially for one of the Big Folk! She is telling me all about her adventures. Did she really descend into the lair of a DRAGON... and emerge once again, AFTER waking it up?
'You were there too, <name>? That certainly is something. I need to find a dragon of my own to best!'
Haley Meadowsweet: 'I like this hobbit lass! She is most attentive, and reminds me somewhat of myself when I was that age.'
Haley suddenly turns bright red.
'Oh, I am so sorry. Hobbits age differently than our folk, don't they? Marigold is indeed a child? Still, I am sorry to have spoken so thoughtlessly. Spending so much time around Theodore may have brought me down to his careless level! What a frightening thought!'
Spalvi Stout-heart: 'We certainly had quite an adventure, didn't we, <name>? I hope you will remind Bingo of our part in it, so he does not leave our contribution out of his account. He spent much of my portion water-logged and not knowing who he was, so he might not have as much to say about it.
'It has occurred to me that perhaps you should not remind him of my contribution, <name>. I think that perhaps not all dwarves are meant to be written about!'
Ketill Map-maker: 'Is this map accurate? There certainly are a lot of villages in the Shire. I respect their burrows, and a hobbit-hole seems to be a very tidy place to live, but I could do with a little more in the way of large, echoing chambers. And not a great hall in sight!'
Ketill sighs.
'How do hobbits live like this, <name>?'

Willem's family is enjoying a great deal of attention from the young hobbits
Dinodas Boffin: 'When you and Bingo came to Newbury to visit, you beheld me at my lowest point, <name>! But after a year of courting, Celandine Brandybuck finally agreed to attend a social gathering with me! All I needed was a party to attend with her!
'And so when my mother said that Bingo, my first cousin, once removed, was hosting a dinner party... well, it seemed like providence most fortuitous!
'But alas! She is spending the whole time fawning over these lynx cubs, and sparing not a moment for me! Cruel fortune!'
Celandine Brandybuck: 'Ooooh, look how cute they are! And their fur seems so soft! I love them all!'

Objective 9

  • Talk to Bingo in his home

Bingo is near the kitchen of his hobbit-hole. Now that you have done some mingling, you should see how your host is enjoying the party.

Bingo Boffin: 'It is ready time for dinner, <name>, but there is still a matter to which I'd like to attend. It will not take long.
'Do you have a moment?'

Objective 10

  • Walk with Bingo

Bingo is near the kitchen of his hobbit-hole. Now that you have done some mingling, you should see how your host is enjoying the party.

Bingo Boffin says, "Do you remember what started this adventure, <name>?"
Bingo Boffin says, "I do. I remember it very well!"
Bingo Boffin says, "I was lonely, and I was bored."
Bingo Boffin says, "Every day seemed much the same as any other."
Bingo Boffin says, "I thought if I hosted a dinner party for my neighbours it would break up the routine."
Bingo Boffin says, "And that is when I met you, <name>!"
Bingo Boffin says, "I asked you to retrieve a cookbook from the library."
Bingo Boffin says, "I thought it might contain the perfect recipe to serve at my dinner party."
Bingo Boffin says, "Instead I found a map, and the strangest feeling I have ever known."
Bingo Boffin says, "The desire to set forth on a journey, an adventure beyond the Shire!"
Bingo Boffin says, "You have been my true and loyal friend ever since, <name>."
Bingo Boffin says, "I cannot thank you enough for that."
Bingo Boffin says, "I sought a recipe at the beginning of this adventure, and indeed I found one."
Bingo Boffin says, "The perfect recipe for a happy life: the very best friends a hobbit could hope to have."
Bingo Boffin says, "Every adventure comes to an end someday."
Bingo Boffin says, "But I am so grateful to have taken this adventure with you, <name>."
Bingo Boffin says, "Ah, as usual, I have let my words get away from me."
Bingo Boffin says, "Thank you again, my dearest friend."
Bingo Boffin says, "Now let's eat!"
Bingo Boffin: 'I am ready for dinner, my friend! Let us join the guests and eat our fill!'

Instance: The Perfect Recipe