Quest:Instance: Dour Faces

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Instance: Dour Faces
Level 49
Type Solo
Starts with Spalvi Dourhand
Starts at Pend Eregion
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [42.9S, 11.6W]
Ends with Spalvi Dourhand
Ends at Redhorn Gate
End Region Eregion
Map Ref [46.4S, 2.9W]
Quest Group The Ballad of Bingo Boffin
Reflecting Pool Bingo Boffin's Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Dour Faces
"You and Spalvi have climbed high into the Redhorn Pass, looking for cave entrances that might bring you closer to finding Bingo...."


You and Spalvi have climbed high into the Redhorn Pass in search of some way beneath the mountain.

Objective 1

You have climbed up into the mountains with Spalvi in search of cave entrances.

Spalvi: 'The higher we climb the more difficult this gets, <name>! Try to keep your eyes peeled for cave entrances!
'I believed we might find a way into the mountain in order to search for Bingo, but if this keeps up we will simply need to find a cave in order to survive!'

Spalvi says, "Just keep climbing!"
Spalvi says, "The storm intensifies!"
Spalvi says, "The mountain itself repels us!"
Spalvi says, "But we press on!"
Spalvi says, "The wind rises!"
Spalvi says, "This storm is too much!"
Spalvi says, "Let us give one final effort, <name>!"
Spalvi says, "To the ledge above!"
Spalvi says, "Do you see any cave entrances?"

Objective 2

  • Look or look around for cave entrances near Spalvi in the mighty snowstorm

Spalvi has asked you to brave the snowstorm and look or look around for cave entrances.

You find no caves, but you do hear faint voices on the wind

Objective 3

  • Talk to Spalvi within the snowstorm
  • Remain alert for any new threats

Spalvi is high up the Redhorn Pass, in the middle of a frightening snow-storm.

Spalvi: 'No caves? Oh, <name>, I think we may have no choice after all. This unnatural storm is too intense, and we cannot stay here to conduct a longer search! If we must enter the mountain, we will have to follow the Iron Garrison! I did not really wish to, but it seems it will be the only way!
'We may have to go back down the mountain and collect our thoughts before we can collect our hobbit!'

You hear voices on the wind once more
Spalvi says, "Did you hear something?"

Objective 4

  • Survive the confrontation with the Dourhand raiding party

You and Spalvi have climbed high up the Redhorn Pass in search of some way of reaching Bingo, but now a new danger has revealed itself: a raiding party of Dourhands!

Thóvarg says, "We have found you, traitor!"
Spalvi says, "Thóvarg!"
Thóvarg says, "Spalvi! You did not think you could escape us, did you?"
Thóvarg says, "Return it to us, and perhaps we will only kill your friend."
Spalvi says, "I freed the hobbit, but he is no longer with us."
Spalvi says, "I cannot return him to you."
Thóvarg says, "Do you think me a fool? I do not speak of the hobbit."
Thóvarg says, "You stole Skórgrim's Star when you fled, and I will have it back!"
Dourhand Warrior says, "A pox upon this mountain!"
Thóvarg says, "This cursed mountain has slain my warriors, but it does not matter."
Thóvarg says, "I will kill you myself, and take Skórgrim's Star from your corpse!"

Objective 5

Thóvarg is not willing to stand down, and Spalvi is itching for a fight.

Spalvi: 'It looks as if we will have to fight, <name>. Thóvarg is not going to stand down, and we cannot fight his warriors and the storm both!
'I hope you are ready! He is no slouch with that axe of his!'

Thóvarg says, "You are no Dourhand! You will die in disgrace!"
Spalvi says, "Willem Whisker!"
Thóvarg says, "Aaaagh!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Spalvi in the snowstorm

You and Spalvi have survived the attack of a Dourhand raiding party.

Willem Whisker: Willem's face is inscrutable, but you think he seems quite pleased with himself.
Spalvi: 'Thóvarg will trouble me no more, and I have to thank you for it, <name>! Not just you, I suppose, but Willem Whisker as well!

'Now let us descend this mountain! We must take the only path that remains before us. I do not want to freeze solid up here, and I feel certain it is very near to happening!'

Spalvi: 'Well, what are you waiting for? Let us get down from this frigid mountainside before it proves the end of us!'