Item:Request for Assistance!

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Request for Assistance!

Quest Information

This item begins the Episodic Content chain The Ballad of Bingo Boffin - [8] The Call to Adventure - Solo.

Item Information

A character automatically receives this letter in the mail.

From: Bingo Boffin
To: <name>
Subject: Request for Assistance!
Hullo there, and well-met! I hope this missive is not intruding upon anything important, and if by unhappy chance it is, then I am sure you will disregard it and take no offence. But it is my very sincere hope that it does not intrude, and instead is met with some degree of interest and curiosity in the matter I propose. For, you see, I have need of some help with a small matter, and...
Well, I say a 'small' matter, but I do not know how long it might take. It could end up being quite a 'big' matter, as these things go! But we will not know until it is quite under way, will we?
If you are interested in learning more, I ask that you please seek me out at my comfortable hobbit-hole just north of the Town Hole, in Michel Delving, being the principal town of the Shire.
Yours in need and looking forward to your positive reply,
Mr. Bingo Boffin, Michel-delving