Quest:Instance: A Restful Night

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Instance: A Restful Night
Level 34
Type Solo
Starts with Bingo Boffin
Starts at South Trollshaws
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [32.8S, 21.7W]
Ends with Bingo Boffin
Ends at South Trollshaws
End Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [32.8S, 21.7W]
Quest Group The Ballad of Bingo Boffin
Reflecting Pool Bingo Boffin's Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

A Restful Night
"The journey has been a tiring one, and Bingo is ready to camp for the night in the wild of the Trollshaws..."


Bingo is ready to stop for the night, and wants to set up a camp just within the Trollshaws.

Objective 1

You have left the road and now Bingo wants to set up a camp-site for the night.

Bingo Boffin: 'It is getting dark. I will find a good place for us to make a fire, if you will find some tinder for it!'
Bingo Boffin says, "I will find a place for our camp-fire if you collect suitable fire-wood, <name>."
Bingo Boffin says, "Let's see..."
Bingo Boffin says, "How about right here?"

Objective 2

Bingo has asked you to look for suitable tinder for building a fire.

SUITABLE TINDER "This wood would be good wood for building a fire."
Collected suitable tinder (4/4)

Objective 3

  • Build a camp-fire at the place Bingo has chosen

Bingo must have chosen a good place for you to build a fire by now.

Bingo Boffin says, "Over here, <name>! I found a good spot!"
PLACE FOR CAMP-FIRE "This would be a good place to build a fire for the night."
Building camp-fire ... The fire catches!
Bingo Boffin says, "Perfect! That will keep the chill away!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Bingo by the camp-fire

Bingo is sitting by the fire you built in the Trollshaws, ready to turn in for the night.

Bingo Boffin: 'Have a seat! We may be adventurers now, <name>, but there is no reason to always be on our feet! A rest is a rest, and we are deserving of it by now, wouldn't you say? We have come a good distance today, and the Lone-lands are behind us. The Trollshaws await!'

Objective 5

  • Sit by the fire and listen to Bingo

Bingo is sitting by the fire you built in the Trollshaws, ready to turn in for the night.

Bingo Boffin says, "Do you know something?"
Bingo Boffin says, "I never expected to make it this far."
Bingo Boffin says, "'One more day', I'd say to myself each morning. 'I will turn around tomorrow.'"
Bingo Boffin says, "And every night I'd realize that I hadn't turned around."
Bingo Boffin says, "So thank you for that, <name>!"
Bingo Boffin says, "Well, I am quite sleepy! Goodnight, my friend! Sleep well!"

Objective 6

  • Stand guard over the camp-fire while Bingo sleeps

Bingo is asleep, but someone needs to stay awake and alert to any dangers. That someone is you!

You hear the sound of tiny claws. More rats approach!
You hear the sound of something slithering through the grass!
You hear the sound of heavy footsteps approaching!
How is Bingo sleeping through all this noise?
The ground near your camp-fire is sifting and shaking!
Your camp-fire has gone out.
At last, the sun rises.
Bingo Boffin says, "Ah, good morning, <name>! You are awake already!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Bingo by the camp-fire

The hours of the night have passed... eventfully... and now Bingo has finally stirred.

Bingo Boffin: 'Ah, I am most refreshed, and had quite a lovely dream. It put me in mind of being a young lad again, with the smell of breakfast drifting into my bedroom. I heard many folk rattling about outside my room, and the banging of pots and pans as the kitchen was being made ready.
'Did you have any pleasant dreams, my friend?'
Bingo Boffin: 'It is a shame I woke up when I did. I would like to have experienced more of that lovely dream! Breakfast was nearly served, and a breakfast in the Shire is better than one anywhere else... including and especially the Trollshaws, I expect!'

Instance: A Restful Night