Garbert's Cottage

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Garbert's Cottage
Type: Cottage
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Tâl Bruinen
Location: [38.3S, 14.6W]
Garbert's Cottage.jpg

Garbert's Cottage is a landmark within Tâl Bruinen, in the Trollshaws. [38.3S, 14.6W]

South of Echad Candelleth, this cottage lies on the western shore of River Bruinen, by the ford to one of the larger trails to Eregion.

Here lives Garbert and his wife Afanen, plain fishermen, with their infant son, Whelan. So it is no wonder a close encounter with a strange creature startled them. And now they are determined to solve this mystery of what is eating their fish and robbing them of their sleep.





HumanM.png Garbert - Fishing Supplier
HumanF.png Afanen

During quest instances:

HumanM.png Adwold
Gollum-icon.png Sneaking Creature