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The Entwade -- Ford of the Entwash
The Entwade -- Ford of the Entwash

Type: Riverford
Region: East Rohan
Area: Sutcrofts
Location: [56.0S, 64.3W]

Settlement.png Entwade
Region: West Rohan
Area: Kingstead
Location: [56.0S, 65.9W]


The Entwade is a guarded Ford across the River Entwash joining East Rohan and West Rohan.

Located near Garsfeld, it is north of Snowbourn in the Sutcrofts, enroute to Edoras in West Rohan.

The settlement of Entwade is located in Kingstead of West Rohan.





The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:


One begins quests in West Rohan with the Epic Quest line:
As you cross the Entwade you will encounter the town of Entwade and its collection of quests.
These do not unlock until after completing Vol. III. Book 11: Chapter 10: The King Rides West:

  1. [86] Securing the Wade - vector from Éowyn in Edoras
  2. [86] In the King's Wake
  3. [86] Prepared for the Worst
  4. [86] In Too Deep
  5. [86] To Léoflad's Side
    1. [86] No Exceptions
    2. [86] Alas for the Fallen
    3. [86] Taking the Blame
  6. [86] Hard Negotiations
  7. [86] Stilling the Wade
  8. [86] A Summons to Mágla -- Vector quest to Middlemead
  9. [87] Edoras: Lady Éowyn's Charge -- Vector to Category: Edoras Quests
  10. [87] The Burdens of Underharrow -- Vector to Category: Underharrow Quests

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