Quest:To Léoflad's Side

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To Léoflad's Side
Level 86
Type Solo
Starts with Thane Edric
Starts at Entwade Mead Hall
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [56.2S, 65.8W]
Ends with Agelman
Ends at Entwade Mead Hall
End Region Kingstead
Map Ref [56.2S, 65.8W]
Quest Group Kingstead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have done much to aid me and the people of Entwade, <name>. My men and I will continue to ready the town for the White Hand's return, but there remains little left to do.

'Now, as for the man you found hiding in town... while he cleverly evaded my men, he will still need to rejoin with the others in Aldburg. The roads can be travelled in numbers, but I would not send him south alone - not in these times.

'If you would, travel south with Agelman, and bring him to rejoin with Léoflad and the others.'


Poised to repel a White Hand assault, Thane Edric demands that Agelman be taken to safety in the south with Léoflad and the people of Entwade.

Objective 1

Rally Agelman to your side by using the horn given to you by Thane Edric.

Thane Edric has asked you to bring Agelman to rejoin with his people along the road south to Aldburg.

Agelman rushes to your side

Objective 2

  • Argue with Thane Edric on Agelman's behalf

Agelman would like to speak with you about what he can offer the defences of Entwade.

(Speaking to Agelman starts the quest No Exceptions.)

You have been ordered to bring Agelman south to Aldburg.

After No Exceptions is complete:

The time has come to journey south

Objective 3

  • Ride along the road south towards Eastfold

The road to Aldburg can be reached by taking the southern fork on the road to the west of Entwade.

You have readied Agelman for the journey, and should now ride south.

You have encountered a wrecked cart, clearly here before Léoflad set off

Objective 4

  • Follow the road south toward Eastfold

The road to Aldburg can be reached by taking the southern fork on the road to the west of Entwade.

You have found no sign of the people of Entwade, and should continue riding south.

You have seen no sign of Léoflad or her people and should continue riding south

Objective 5

  • Ford the river Snowbourn

The river Snowbourn can found flowing through southern Kingstead.

As you cross, you spy a farmhouse in the distance

Objective 6

  • Investigate the farmhouse along the road

The farmhouse can be found directly south of the river Snowbourn near the border of Eastfold and Kingstead.

You discover three farmhands working amidst the fields

Objective 7

The three farmhands can be found at Pendlac's Farm in southeastern Kingstead.

Having seen no sign of Léoflad, you should speak to the three farmhands and ask if the people of Entwade have already passed through.

Pendlac: 'I have little time to chat, and nay, I have seen not the people you speak of.
'Why flee to Aldburg? I would think Edoras more secure. And what is to become of the Wade?
'I must make ready, excuse me.'
Smála: 'Of course I heard them pass... how could one not?
'You have a steed, aye? Well then, ride after them!'
Smála looks around, trying to catch the eye of the other farmhands.
'Brothers, we have not the time for this!'
Gyrth: 'Ah, I mean not to be curt, but many things must be set in order before my fellows and I ride to Edoras at Éowyn's request.
'To answer you, aye. I saw them pass in the last hour at a fairly slow pace. Should you ride swiftly, you will no doubt find them along the road.'

Objective 8

  • Find Léoflad and the people of Entwade

Léoflad and the people of Entwade can be found along the road south into Aldburg.

Léoflad and her people passed very recently. You should ride swiftly to reunite Agelman with them.

You have discovered a grim scene as the people of Entwade lay slain before you

Objective 9

  • Aid Agelman in burying the people of Entwade
(Speaking to Agelman starts the quest Alas for the Fallen.)

Agelman can be found at your side or can be rallied to you by using your horn.

Agelman has asked you to aid him in recovering Léoflad's body and preparing for his return to Entwade.

After Alas for the Fallen is complete:

Objective 10

  • Aid Agelman in returning to Entwade

Agelman can be found at your side or can be rallied to you by using your horn.

(Speaking to Agelman starts the quest Taking the Blame.)

You have aided Agelman as best you could, and he is now ready to set off. You should speak to Agelman before he departs.

After Taking the Blame is complete:

Aided Agelman in returning to Entwade

Objective 11

  • Talk to Agelman at Pendlac's Farm

Agelman can be found near the horse at Pendlac's Farm.

You have aided Agelman in preparing to return to Entwade, and should now speak with him.

Agelman: 'These are the grimmest of times that I have known, <name>. While I thank you for your aid, I wish our task could have been one less tragic.
'Edric must be told of what has happened, even if it wounds him greatly. All who we lost today must be mourned, and the Wade must hold in their honour!
'Meet me at Entwade, <name>, and it is there we shall talk more.

Objective 12

  • Talk to Agelman in the Mead Hall of Entwade

Agelman can be found inside the Mead Hall of Entwade.

Agelman prepares to ride back to Thane Edric with Léoflad's body. You should ride to Entwade and meet him in the Mead Hall.

Agelman: 'Ah, you have made it, <name>.
'Edric is not well, my friend. He may seem lost in thought, but I see a blind hate building within him.'