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Back-story: On Phasing and Quest Progression

In newer parts of the game, including the Enedwaith region, Turbine has implemented a game technology called phasing which causes the visibility of NPCs to change depending on your progress through the game. For instance, when you first arrive at Echad Dagoras, you will not see Amarion and Dagoras. After completing quests to find and rescue them from other locations, they will become visible at Echad Dagoras and will no longer be visible (to you) at their initial locations. These invisible NPCs are still present: they are selectable using the keyboard, but you can not otherwise interact with them.

To further confuse things, many of the rangers in the Grey Company, i.e., those that existed prior to the Mirkwood expansion, continue to appear at their original locations around Eriador.

Additionally, Enedwaith is one of the first areas where quests start to be "gated". Unlike the older areas, where a player usually could jump in anywhere and do quests everywhere in an area, in Enedwaith there is a sense of progression, and the quest storyline brings the player from the beginning (Echad Dagoras) to the ultimate end (Hall of the Huntsman, visiting every quest hub at least once. However, the quests are not yet fully gated; a player could decide to skip everything and start questing in the Mournshaws right away.

In each of the seven regions of Enedwaith, one or more quest hubs, such as Echad Dagoras, Zudrugund, and Echad Daervunn, offer the player usually 1-3 quests. Completing these quests will open up quest chains, which usually end up with the quest giver sending the player to another quest hub. But this vector it not mandatory in order to quest at the new location.

Starting with the next region Dunland and getting a more finalized version in The Great River, quest gating has become the standard for LotRO up until at least West Rohan. In this format, there are no "open" quest hubs except the one the player starts with, allowing for a full progression throughout the region.

The list of quests below is compiled in such a way that a player entering Enedwaith from the North will be able to do all quests in this order. As stated, the player can also skip one or more areas and start questing in the first quest hub of the next area.


Echad Dagoras

[61] A Pointed Message
[61] Uniformity Repeatable
[61] Cache and Carry: Hidden Lore
[61] Black Flames Repeatable
[61] Feral Shadow
[61] Midnight Hunters Repeatable
After completing the quest lines of Amarion and Dagoras

Epic Quests


Echad Saeradan: Saeradan Quests

  1. [62] An Outstretched Hand

Echad Saeradan: Andreg Quests

  1. [62] Feeding the Company
  2. You must choose one of the following quests:
Following Quests and vector to Uch Cadlus only if A Matter of Doubt is chosen
  1. [62] The Butchered Herd
  2. [62] Protecting the Herd
  3. [62] A Matter of Honour

Gavar Cadlus Quests: These quests become available after completing An Outstretched Hand

  1. [62] Sign of the White Hand On finding a Banner of the White Hand near Gwyllion's Gate
  2. [62] The Mystery Deepens Unlocks after completing Collars of the Accursed, Dark Crystals and Sign of the White Hand
  3. [62] The Old Woman of the Mountain

Epic Quests


Landscape Drops

Echad Idhrenfair

  1. [62] Scouring the Wood
  2. [62] Goblins of Enedwaith Unlocks after completing Scouring the Wood and Goblin Hunters

Maur Tulhau

  1. [62] Meet the Stoors

Nan Laeglin


  1. [63] The Brenin's Council
  2. [63] Instance: The Council of Brehur Solo Only
  3. [64] Trouble in the Bluffs (Same quest as the one in Harndirion, though with different text) Vector to Mincham in the Lich Bluffs

Lich Bluffs

Landscape Drops


Weaken the Grip of Darkness chain

  1. [64] Mysterious Residue On finding a Puddle of Vile Liquid in Trac-plas
  2. [64] Searching for Signs
  3. [64] Weaken the Grip of Darkness

Father of Our Lament chain

  1. [64] A Symbol of the Past On finding a Broken Amulet from wights in the Lich Bluffs
  2. [64] The Hermit
  3. [64] Rise of the Fallen Son
  4. [64] Resting Place
  5. [64] Father of Our Lament

Ost Dunhoth

Thror's Coomb

Landscape Drops




  1. [65] Gunnberg's Folly Small Fellowship - Repeatable (4h 20m) (complete The Call of Our Fathers and Crumble the Support)


Echad Daervunn

  1. [65] The Lost Hunter
  2. [65] The Derudhs' Circle
  3. [65] Rituals of the Forest
  4. [65] The Elders
    1. [65] Court of the Wild Huntsman
    2. [65] The Wild Hunt
      1. [65] The Wild Hunt: Arassiel's Spirit