Quest:A Giant!

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A Giant!
Level 62
Type Solo
Starts with Rhus Cornchúthur
Starts at Maur Tulhau
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [63.1S, 23.0W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Race(s) Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A giant! Fearsome tales have we of your kind! What do ye want of me? Are ye going to eat me? Though to be truthful, I would have expected a beast of greater stature....

'Now what is that ye say? No giant are you, but a Man? Some of our elders swear they've met Man-creatures before, but I can't say that I have. Why should we deal with the likes of ye?

'Well, if ye want to speak with Maer Brochtû, you'll need to do something for us. To the east of here is a small gully where our hunters found a strange shrine...perhaps made by one of ye big Men. At night, the hunters claim to have seen a terrible goat-demon, which we call Gavar-diavol...defeat the creature, and we may have more to say to ye.'


Rhus Cornchúthur believes you to be a giant come down from the Misty Mountains, though he is far from impressed by your stature.

Objective 1

Gavar-diavol can be found at night in a gully east of Rhus Cornchúthur.

Rhus Cornchúthur suggested you rid the Gloomglens of the Druggavar called Gavar-diavol. Doing so may go a long way to building a friendship with the hobbits of Enedwaith.

Rhus Cornchúthur: 'Defeat Gavar-diavol, and I must consider trusting you....'
Defeated Gavar-diavol

Objective 2

Rhus Cornchúthur awaits your return to the west of Gavar-diavol's haunting grounds.

You should return to Rhus Cornchúthur with news of your victory.

Rhus Cornchúthur: 'Most amazing, <race>! Maer Brochtû will surely wish to speak with you now!
'As well, accept this gift of may find it useful in the future.'