Quest:Instance: The Council of Brehur

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Instance: The Council of Brehur
Level 63
Type Solo only
Starts with Dufrig
Starts at The Brenin's Hall
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.5S, 17.3W]
Ends with Glynn Brenin
Ends at The Brenin's Hall
End Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [66.5S, 17.3W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Chain The Brenin's Hall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Brenin's Council
"The Brenin's Council of Lhanuch gathers even now, to decide whether to join their bretheren to the south in allegiance to Isengard. But they are a proud isolated people who will not bend easily, even when threatened with the power of the traitor Saruman."


The Brehur of Lhanuch have gathered in Glynn Brenin's hall to discuss whether they shall swear their allegience to Isengard alongside their brethren in Dunland.

Objective 1

Speak with Dufrig before the Council of Brehur begins.

Dufrig: 'The council is prepared to gather now, <name>. I do not know what will transpire, but rumours continue to be bandied about.
'I know you have spoken with many of the Brehur of late -- please remain in the hall during the deliberations, should one of them wish to call upon you for your testimony.'

Objective 2

  • Observe the deliberations of the Council

Observe the deliberations of the Council.

Dufrig says, "Let the Council of Brehur now gather to discuss the offer or treaty proposed by Isengard, in the name of Saruman the White."
Dufrig says, "I now call forth Gwilhum, Emissary of Isengard to speak on behalf of Isengard."
Gwilhum says, "I am Gwilhum, Emissary of Isengard."
Gwilhum says, "I come bearing the honour and goodwill of Saruman in the form of a most generous offer from the grand tower of Orthanc, jewel of Isengard."
Glynn Brenin says, "Greetings, Gwilhum."
Glynn Brenin says, "Let us hear what Isengard has to say this eve and weigh its portent in this council."
Gwilhum says, "Let all present bear witness as Isengard offers its sovereign protection to the peoples of Enedwaith."
Gwilhum says, "Moreover, we offer pacts of trade and commerce that shall enrich the folk of this isolated country."
Gwilhum says, "What was once known as the Great North Road shall be rebuilt in anticipation of such trade."
Gwilhum says, "It shall reconnect your people with their brethren in the main of Dunland, who have already wisely chosen to offer their allegiance to Saruman."
Gwilhum says, "In regards to the barbarous forces besetting this tranquil region, Isengard extends its strong arm."
Gwilhum says, "We shall thwart any aggressor, though they ride from the South under the banner of the Horse-lords or infiltrate from the North through the devices of the Dúnedain, who have long harboured the will to conquer and rule all the West."
Glynn Brenin says, "We are beset with many evils of late, Gwilhum, against which we are hard-pressed to defend."
Glynn Brenin says, "Some would grasp at what you offer without ken of the price, but we have little to give, and so the price may prove more than we can afford."
Glynn Brenin says, "What is it then that Isengard would ask of us?"
Gwilhum says, "Saruman asks in return that the Brenin of Lhanuch accept the sovereignty of Isengard over this realm, extending in the main to matters of trade beyond its borders, to control of the Great North Road, and the levy of troops and materials for the common defence of all Dunland."
Gwilhum says, "All other matters shall remain the province of the Brenin and his council, so long as they do not conflict with the greater good of our people."
Neirin Brehur says, "Who cares for your roads or your caravans?"
Neirin Brehur says, "Few enough are the peddlers and bards who disturb our doorstep, much less the merchants of the South?"
Neirin Brehur says, "Build it, if you wish...I do not think many will come to so poor a place."
Gwilhum says, "A road may change many things, Neirin."
Gwilhum says, "The world Saruman envisions shall have a great many roads and much industry to move upon them."
Neirin Brehur says, "Hah! A Wizard's fantasy if ever I have heard one!"
Glynn Brenin says, "No matter. The road is there...let Saruman rebuild it if he wishes."
Glynn Brenin says, "This matter of a levy, however, is no small thing."
Glynn Brenin says, "We are no great empire to spend our sons on far battlefields and count not their loss, nor are our cattle cheaply given to feed soldiers who march in distant kingdoms."
Gwilhum says, "Nor would we ask you to give them cheaply -- yet war is stirring."
Gwilhum says, "The Horse-lords are of divided purpose, though their king may yet see wisdom and sign a pact with Isengard."
Gwilhum says, "Still, rumour now whispers that the king's own son plans his overthrow, as he burns with desire to bring war across the Isen."
Gwilhum says, "Should this come to pass, we will need all our strength to halt them, lest we lose these lands even as you once lost the flowing plains of Rohan to their brutal aggression."
Glynn Brenin says, "This news is disturbing, Gwilhum. I would send aid to our brothers in the South against the Horse-folk, but we are ourselves beset."
Glynn Brenin says, "If Isengard can relieve us, then I may be willing to put aside the pride of our people for the sake of such an alliance."
Gwilhum says, "I believe they can be dealt with swiftly. Such rabble as threatens your land is of no great moment before the strength of Isengard."
Gwilhum says, "I wager the mere announcement of our pact will be enough to frighten such brigands from your land lest they face Saruman's wrath."
Guladus Brehures says, "I would join your wager, for what brigand -- or soldier -- would dare to disobey the orders of his master in such a matter?"
Gwilhum says, "Of course. The forces of Isengard are as loyal as may be to the word of Saruman."
Gwilhum says, "But I do not like the tone of your voice Brehures -- you imply more than you say."
Guladus Brehures says, "I speak of what many here suspect, Gwilhum."
Guladus Brehures says, "These are not simple brigands and wolves that beset our lands of late."
Guladus Brehures says, "They wield blades forged in great number. They fight like soldiers. The Wargs slaughter man and beast alike and yet take no carcass."
Gwilhum says, "Perhaps you face mercenaries then, sent by the decrepit Lords of the West who look upon your lands greedily."
Gwilhum says, "For if you mean otherwise, I think you must choose your next words carefully."
Guladus Brehures says, "Then let me speak clearly, lest you mishear my words."
Guladus Brehures says, "For I choose to call them raiders, sent from the Mountains north of Isengard to force our hand in this very council, and I say that they come at the behest of Saruman himself!"
Gwilhum says, "You claim that Isengard has sent brigands hence?"
Gwilhum says, "How could you make such claim against he who leads the order of the Wizards? He who has watched over these lands for years beyond ken like a father might his children?"
Glynn Brenin says, "Indeed, your words are disturbing, Guladus, and most grave -- have you some proof of your claim?"
Guladus Brehures says, "I do, Brenin."
Guladus Brehures says, "<name>, would you bring forth the evidence you have found upon the battlefield?"

Objective 3

  • Place the sword before the brenin
  • Place the helm before the brenin

Bring forward the items you found upon the half-orc raiders as evidence of Isengard's involvement in the attacks.

Objective 4

  • Observe the deliberations of the Council

Observe the deliberations of the Council.

Guladus Brehures says, "These were found upon the half-orcs who lead the raiders, just a short while ago."
Guladus Brehures says, "They were claimed in battle by <name>."
Gwilhum says, "And you claim these are from Isengard? That Saruman the Wise has set forces against his own people?"
Gwilhum says, "This is madness, Brenin! Saruman offers peace to all of his subjects!"
Guladus Brehures says, "You speak overly-hasty, Emissary, for we are not subjects of Isengard yet!"
Guladus Brehures says, "We have heard rumour of similar half-orcs who have come into the employ of Isengard to the south of late."
Gwilhum says, "Isengard has made many powerful alliances to ensure our prosperity, even with those who have long been isolated and hounded by the old powers of the West -- but many are not so allied."
Gwilhum says, "Why direct your slander against Saruman, who has been so fair with this offer?"
Glynn Brenin says, "I do not wish to offend the Emissary of Isengard, but this is no small charge the Brehures levies against your claim of good will."
Glynn Brenin says, "We are all most keen to hear your reply."
Gwilhum says, "My lord Brenin, I beg you not to forsake our alliance upon the word of this...this duvodiad. "
Gwilhum says, "These Northerners creep about the wilderness, seeking out weakness, separating friend from friend so that they may take each in turn like wolves amongst sheep!"
Glynn Brenin says, "What of my council then? We cannot be certain of the evidence placed before us."
Glynn Brenin says, "We have but the word of a duvodiad against the word of Saruman in a matter most dangerous."
Neirin Brehur says, "I have seen this Northerner fight on behalf of our people...and to my heart deeds speak unfailingly."
Neirin Brehur says, "I cannot place my trust in this Emissary who has nothing but words for us."
Penlhun Brehur says, "Aye. I wish nothing more than to join my countrymen to the south in battle against the Horse-folk."
Penlhun Brehur says, "But I cannot honourably fight beneath the banner of Saruman after he has wronged our people in so cowardly a fashion."
Siorus Brehur says, "I think it best if we see to our own herds, Brenin."
Siorus Brehur says, "I trust none of those before me, wherever they claim their allegiance, for none of them mean well for us to my mind."
Siorus Brehur says, "Let them fight their wars elsewhere."
Guladus Brehures says, "Already you know my mind, Brenin."
Guladus Brehures says, "Saruman does not ask, he takes. This entire ploy is of his imagining, and I will not take part in it."
Gwilhum says, "..."
Gwilhum says, "I can hear in your tones that this matter has been most wrongfully decided."
Gwilhum says, "The duvodiad has poisoned your ears against the wisdom of Saruman."
Glynn Brenin says, "And whose wisdom is it that has led us to this, Emissary?"
Glynn Brenin says, "This council has deemed your words false. I cannot gainsay them."
Glynn Brenin says, "What offer can you make us now, that we must not reject?"
Gwilhum says, "Your view of this matter is rather unfortunate, Glynn Brenin -- but I do not see how our situation has changed in the slightest."
Gwilhum says, "Let us say that we simply understand each other more clearly now."
Gwilhum says, "Isengard still requires your allegiance, and in return Saruman offers his most gracious protection."
Gwilhum says, "Though it does seem that we shall have to modify our terms slightly to reflect this new...understanding...we have come to."
Gwilhum says, "However, should you refuse them, I can assure you that Isengard's next offer shall be far less lenient."
Gwilhum says, "It will not likely be decided upon in this rather quaint little council chamber."
Glynn Brenin says, "There is no need for further threats, thrall of Isengard!"
Glynn Brenin says, "I think that Saruman's purpose is clear to me now, as his arrogance has grown with his power."
Glynn Brenin says, "Perhaps our countrymen of Dunland were beguiled, but I see that he moves too surely now, believing none will dare to deny him."
Glynn Brenin says, "And yet he shows his hand too early, for in sending such force as he has I think he must be occupied elsewhere, or his initial offer would have been the more forceful one."
Glynn Brenin says, "We shall hold here, for your accomplices will soon be called to the South to face the Horse-folk."
Glynn Brenin says, "That much of your story I believe, as Saruman's lust for conquest betrays his intent."
Glynn Brenin says, "But I no longer believe in his strength. Only his words have power, whereas others we have met of late that have shown us the strength of their deeds, and that is truly the only thing of value in this world."
Glynn Brenin says, "Go fight your war Emissary, but I do not think you will return."
Glynn Brenin says, "For all their villainy, the Horse-folk have always been a people of deeds, and I foresee the downfall of Saruman's deceitful schemes at their hands."
Gwilhum says, "You are a fool's fool, Glynn Brenin!"
Gwilhum says, "The power of Isengard is greater than you imagine, and there are other powers that rise in alliance with it of which you know nothing."
Gwilhum says, "But let me show you one last thing...."
Gwilhum says, "Observe the fate of those who would defy the will of Isengard!"
Gwilhum says, "<name> shall pay for besmirching the honour of my lord Saruman!"
Gergenau, Champion of Isengard says, "You have roused the anger of Isengard, little one. You shall pay for your insolence in blood!"

Objective 5

Defeat the Champion of Isengard.

You have defeated the Champion of Isengard
Guladus Brehures says, "Ha. If that is the power that Isengard wished us to see, then we shall count ourselves lucky that we have not made alliance with weaklings."
Guladus Brehures says, "I think it best if you go now, Emissary of have long outstayed your welcome."
Gwilhum says, "You will rue this day! Your pathetic village will be claimed in due time. I shall see to it personally!"

Objective 6

Speak with Glynn Brenin regarding the emissary from Isengard.

Glynn Brenin: 'You have little time, Duvodiad.
'Should the Horse-lords fall to the forces of the White Hand, Saruman will have armies to spare to deal with our refusal of his demands...and I shall have little choice but to swear our fealty to Isengard, if he allows me to live at all.
'Tell your duvodiad friends that they may pass through our lands, but we shall offer them no aid upon their way.'
Glynn Brenin: 'Enough! Begone from my hall, <name>.
'We have other matters to discuss that are not for the ears of duvodiad.'