Quest:An Evil Spirit!

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An Evil Spirit!
Level 62
Type Solo
Starts with Rhus Cornchúthur
Starts at Maur Tulhau
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [63.1S, 23.0W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Race(s) Elf
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'An evil spirit! I knew it! Please don't hurt me! My own spirit isn't worth eating!

'What? Ye say you're not an evil spirit? What then are ye? An Elf? Goodness! Do legends spring to life?

'If ye want to prove you're not an evil spirit, you're going to have to banish one yourself! Upon a high bluff to the south-east our hunters have seen a Cuthraul which we call Tulwulh-gwirod...banish the fiend, and we might have more to do with ye....'


The hobbit Rhus Cornchúthur was frightened by your appearance, believing you to be one of the evil spirits rumoured to haunt the Gloomglens.

Objective 1

Tulwulh-gwirod can be found at night upon a high bluff to the south-east of Rhus Cornchúthur.

Rhus Cornchúthur suggested that you banish the Cuthraul Tulwulh-gwirod to prove that you are not yourself an evil spirit.

Rhus Cornchúthur: 'Are you sure you're not an evil spirit?'
Tulwulh-gwirod says, "Rascaran will not protect you!"
Tulwulh-gwirod says, "Your spirit shall wither before the Eye!"

Objective 2

Rhus Cornchúthur awaits your return to the north-west of Tulwulh-gwirod's haunting grounds.

You should return to Rhus Cornchúthur with news of your victory.

Rhus Cornchúthur: 'Well now, if you've done away with Tulwulh-gwirod, I guess ye can't be half bad yourself! Maer Brochtû'll wish to see you I'm sure.
'Here...take this as a gift of gratitude. Ye may find it useful in the future.'