Quest:Remnants of the Past

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Remnants of the Past
Level 64
Type Solo
Starts with Mincham
Starts at Lich Bluffs
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [70.6S, 15.5W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'In the past few months, there have been sightings among the Uch-lûth of foul wights rising from their barrows. These creatures are defiling the ancient dead in a most horrific manner and threatening to spill out into inhabited lands.

'Can you seek out the foul monsters and defeat them?

'The wights can be found throughout the southern and western barrows of the Lich Bluffs.'


The Lich Bluffs are the final resting place of many of the fallen from the Algraig clans. However, a dark force has emerged from the shadows, bringing forth wights to attack the living.

Objective 1

These creatures move among many of the barrows in the southern reaches of the Lich Bluffs.

Mincham has asked you to seek out and defeat any wights that you might encounter.

Mincham: 'What stirs the dead, I wonder? The raising of wights is the art of but a few -- the Witch-king for one, but others more dire as well.'

Objective 2

Mincham is located south and slightly east of the large Gondorian ruins in the Lich Bluffs.

You should return to Mincham and let him know that you have defeated many wights.

Mincham: 'Thank you...this is a good start to returning the bodies of these poor men and women to rest.
'This may allow my brethren to pass through these places unmolested.'