Quest:Instance: Guiding the Misguided

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Instance: Guiding the Misguided
Level 62
Type Solo only
Starts with Gwin Curhonon
Starts at Khoblún Utot
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [64.8S, 23.0W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Gwin Curhonon, a hobbit of the Gloomglens, was captured by the bugan, wild goblins owing allegiance to no one. Now he seeks the help of a brave hero to bring him to safety."


Gwin Curhonon asked you to help him escape from Khoblún Utot.

Objective 1

Escort Gwin Curhonon out of Khoblún Utot.

Gwin Curhonon: 'Thank you! Now let us hurry before more bugan arrive!'

Objective 2

  • Escort Gwin Curhonon to safety

Escort Gwin Curhonon out of Khoblún Utot.

Bugan Bully says, "Khinio!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "I won't be your dinner, bugan!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "This means a feud!"
Bugan says, "Rhost khig!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "This is our land, you vile thing! Away with you!"
Bugan says, "Ûmborth! Ûmborth!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "You deserved that!"
Bugan Hunter says, "Trenghi! Trenghi!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "We just wanted to be good neighbours!"
Gwin Curhonon says, "Shame on you!"
You have escorted Gwin Curhonon to safety

Objective 3

  • Talk to Gwin Curhonon

Gwin Curhonon is hiding outside Khoblún Utot in the Gloomglens.

You should speak with Gwin Curhonon about your successful escape from the bugan of Enedwaith.

Gwin Curhonon: 'Let's get out of here!'