Quest:Instance: Father of Our Lament

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Instance: Father of Our Lament
Level 64
Type Solo
Starts with Cadelhin
Starts at Crug Cadelhin
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [71.8S, 15.9W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"The oath of Fernvael, father of Cadelhin, binds the shades of the Lich Bluffs to their earthly tombs. The only hope remaining for these poor spirits is the defeat of their dark ruler...."


Within the depths of Crug Fernvael lies the restless spirit of Fernvael father of Cadelhin, who brought the curse of the Wild Huntsman down upon them.

Objective 1

  • Find and confront Fernvael

Find Fernvael's resting place and present the shade with the amulet you remade.

Fernvael says, "I see that my son has chosen a champion. It is good that he has chosen such an accomplished <class>."
Fernvael says, "He is somewhat mistaken. I mourn for the loss of his wife, but not for what preceded it."
Fernvael says, "I intercepted a message saying that his beloved's family would strike against us before the ceremony, I could not allow that."
Fernvael says, "I understand my son's anger and his search for vengeance, as his beloved was a sorry victim of her family's actions."
Fernvael says, "I will face you now, but I will also warn you that I will present you with other challenges along the way."
Fernvael says, "My son has sent forth a worthy opponent. As I rest a moment, face some of my men."
(Defeat Fernvael's men)
Fernvael says, "A suitable display of skill...I shall enjoy this."
Fernvael says, "A challenge indeed...perhaps you should meet a few more of my men."
(Defeat Fernvael's men)
Fernvael says, "It is a shame to lose such good men, but at least you are a worthy adversary."
Fernvael says, "You have defeated me. I call forth my son to come before me. Let it be known that his champion has defeated me."
(Defeated Fernvael)
Fernvael says, "Son, your champion has defeated me."
Cadelhin says, "Father, after all of these years, you have finally paid for what you did to my beloved."
Fernvael says, "Son, what you never understood was that I mourned the loss of your beloved, but her people were going to betray us."
Fernvael says, "They planned to attack just before your wedding. I could not allow my people to be slaughtered like goats."
Cadelhin says, "But why her? Why did you have to hurt her? She had nothing to do with it."
Fernvael says, "She was an unfortunate victim, as I said. However, I am unsure how our people are cursed to this eternal torment."
The Huntsman says, "The curse levied upon your people was twofold. The first was due to the destruction of my gift: the amulet that was cleft in twain."
The Huntsman says, "The second was the breaking of the tradition of hospitality, an oath sworn in earnest. While these men may have betrayed you, they were still guests in your hall."
The Huntsman says, "So a curse was placed upon your people. This day, with the defeat of the transgressor, Cadelhin, your followers will go free."
The Huntsman says, "Fernvael, your people will remain for ten passings of the seasons. Cadelhin, your people will fade within the next passing of the seasons."
Defeated Fernvael
Cadelhin: '<name>, thank you for your assistance, please allow me to lead you from this place. Your service will not be forgotten.'