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Eastern Rohan, also referred to as Eastemnet, contains the eastern plains of the kingdom of Rohan.


Rohan-icon.pngOriginally the Gondorian province of Calenardhon, the land north of the White Mountains was gifted by Steward Cirion to Eorl of the Northmen in 2510 (Third Age). Eorl had led his men through great hardship from the far north to the aid of Gondor, and Cirion gave him the wide green lands of Calenardhon in recognition of his aid, swearing eternal friendship between old Gondor and the new land of Rohan.

Rohan's history was one of conflict and war; with the Orcs of the White Mountains to their south, the Dunlendings to the west, and ultimately with Saruman in Nan Curunír in the fortress of Isengard in the tower of Orthanc to the northwest .

Nonetheless, the line of the Kings of Rohan stretched from Eorl's time to the War of the Ring and beyond. The Kings sat in the Golden Hall of Meduseld in Edoras, built by Eorl's son Brego. At the time of Gondor's greatest need, they kept the Oath of Eorl, and rode to the aid of their ancient allies at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Rohan is divided into two regions - Eastern Rohan and Western Rohan


There are six areas in the East Rohan Region. Many players skip Eaves of Fangorn even though the questline leads to it first before Sutcrofts. Some players simply go to the Garsfeld Mead Hall and continue working on reputation granting quests.

The East Wall

Boromir's Glade, Parth Galen, Amon Hen, Tol Brandir, and the Falls of Rauros

  • The East Wall is a content zone directly connected to the Epic storyline
  • This content is intended for level 75/76 characters continuing the Epic story into Rohan.
  • The zone is designed to be completable without using Mounted Combat.

The Wold

  • The Wold is the initial area for East Rohan.


  • Norcrofts is the first fully-mounted combat oriented zone in East Rohan -- solo-friendly.
  • This content is designed for characters level 78 to 80.

Entwash Vale

  • This is a mounted combat oriented zone.
  • This content is intended for character levels 79 to 81.

Eaves of Fangorn

  • This zone is a non-mounted combat based content area.
  • An Ent named Ashlimb at 41.3S, 70.9W, just inside the tree line of Eaves of Fangorn from Entwash Vale, will have your first quest.
  • Eaves of Fangorn does not give reputation, but it does give nice quest rewards and the title "Tree Herder" from Quest:Awake at Long Last.
  • This content is intended for level 82 characters.


  • This zone is a Mounted Combat based content area.
  • This content is intended for level 83 to 85 characters.

Connected to

Quest Chains

A note on Quest Sequencing.

Most of the quests in East Rohan are "sequenced." That is to say, you must complete certain other quests before you will be offered a particular quest.
Intermixed with the "normal quest lines" are those of the Epic Volume III. One is not required for the completion of the other.
The notable exception being the acquisition of one's War-steed, the North Wold Quests, also known as the Langhold Quest Arc. Both quest lines intersect and require these quests for completion.
East Rohan Quests(11 C, 1 P)
East Wall Quests(4 C, 34 P)
Entwash Vale Quests(6 C, 95 P)
Hytbold Quests(1 C, 226 P)
Norcrofts Quests(8 C, 101 P)
Sutcrofts Quests(4 C, 9 P)
The North Wold Quests(22 P)
The Riders Four Quests(empty)
The Wold Quests(7 C, 57 P)
Wildermore Quests(8 C, 5 P)
Additionally, the Epic Quest line continues throughout East Rohan:

see also: East Rohan Task Quests

Tasks are common to all Task Bulletin Boards in the East Rohan region.

  • You may turn in completed tasks to any Tasks Bulletin Board in the East Rohan region.





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