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Bats are a species of Beast.


Bats are small flying creatures with fur, leathery wings, and prominent ears. They prefer dark places such as caves and shadowy forests. In the wild, they are not generally considered dangerous, and the sound of their wings in the darkened sky rarely brings a sense of dread to those who wander Middle-earth. It is not uncommon to hear the rush of wings or catch a glimpse of small, darting shapes flittering on a night's hunt for insects around fields and still ponds. Even those who explore dark caves are more startled than truly afraid when the light of a lamp disturbs the slumbering creatures into a frenzied rush for the cave's exit.

Though bats are naturally content to be left alone, concealed from villagers and townsfolk, they have sometimes been trained for nefarious purposes. Decades ago, a great number of bats were brought to the Battle of Five Armies by the goblins of the Misty Mountains.[1] Since then, they have been little threat to the Free Peoples, but in these dark days, the wild creatures of Middle-earth are not as they once were.

A shadow of corruption now spreads throughout the wilderness, bringing with it an unwelcome darkness. Lately, bats have begun hunting larger creatures, even swarming to attack unwary travellers in the night. Outlying areas are now menaced by creatures with huge, leathery wings, cold black eyes, and needle-sharp teeth that deliver wicked bites. As before, bats are seen in the company of goblins and worse: the foul merrevail. The vast number of bats to be found in the world makes these developments troubling, especially if some dark power seeks to bind them to its service. This is one more reason why travelling by night and exploring caves is perilous for the unwary.


Locations where bats can be found include:


Quests and Instances


Bats usually threaten those who come to close and attack if not left alone, however some kinds attack immediately while a few are passive. They are typically of Swarm or Normal difficulty.

Bats are more resistant to cries and, to a lesser degree, tactical attacks, than to songs and physical attacks. They are slightly vulnerable to Fire damage and Light damage. They are known for their piercing, high-pitched shriek, which they can use to render a foe momentarily Stunned. They are infamous carries of disease, and combat often causes one to contract a Minor Diseased Frailty or sometimes worse ailments.

Though they are often bred by wicked beings, bats seek only to protect and provide for themselves and their own, with no evil intent. Therefore, they are classified as Neutral in alignment.



Chill-winds are a variety of bat found in Ered Luin, in the Low Lands and Rath Teraig.


Dark-claws or darkclaws are a widespread breed of bat. They can be found in Moria, Nan Curunír, and the Trollshaws, as well in the service of the Frûmhon goblins of Mirkwood.


Fallenfang bats are used by merrevail in the defence of Dannenglor.


Fellwing bats can be found in the Ettenmoors, where they are kept as pets by the merrevail of the Delving of Frór.


Gloom-wing is the name given to the brown bats in the Old Forest of Bree-land.


Great-bats or great bats are a particularly large variety of bat. These red-eyed beasts can be found on the Plateau of Gorgoroth as well as Erebor. The great brown bats of the Shire may be related, but are smaller and weaker than most great-bats.


Ruins-bats describes bats that prefer to inhabit crumbled stonework rather than caves. They can be found in the ruins of Eastern Gondor, Dor Amarth in Gorgoroth, and the wreckage of Dol Guldur.


Shadow-wing bats are a breed that inhabits the ruins of Arthedain, in North Downs and eastern Evendim.


Stormwings seem to be native to the Weather Hills, for they are incited to swarm Weathertop when Narudúr the Cargûl sends his forces against it.


Vampires are terrifying, bat-like creatures who served Morgoth in ancient times. Though they associate with bats and take the shape of a bat, they are immortal and can speak. Only one alleged vampire has been documented: Carcharan of the Dourstocks, who serves the Eye.[2] It is possible vampires are part of the connection between merrevail and natural bats, and they may have some relation to Lhaereth the Stained, an ancient morroval-like entity who claims to be the last of her kind.[3]


In real life, bats are members of the scientific order Chiroptera, which includes many species. Almost all of them feed on insects or fruit. In the past few centuries, bats have been traditionally associated with European vampires, however all three known species of vampire bat are native to the Americas.


A list of recorded bat sightings:

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