Amon Môth

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Amon Môth
Type: Giant Camp
Region: Evendim
Area: Southern Emyn Uial
Location: [8.2S, 74.7W]
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Amon Môth is a landmark within Southern Emyn Uial in Evendim. [8.2S, 74.7W]

Just under the impenetrable mountain ridge to the west, this giant den is located high above the hilly forests. It is here that a colony of stone-giants have set up home. Like most giant-kind, these towering brutes may not pledge allegiance to the forces of Sauron, but they are hostile to any and all travelers who make the mistake of wandering into their territory.




The following creatures are found within this area:


Another view of the giant den One of the stone huts constructed by the giants Stew bubbling over a fire in Amon Môth Shelters on the upper ridge of Amon Môth